All About Google Latest Algorithm BERT

Google's BERT Update

This update will help to search query understanding. In this BERT update search query google is talking about preposition like “into” or “from” or “for”

Here are some Important Points About Google BERT Algorithm:

  • After BERT update Google see entire phrases for better result.
  • After coming BERT Google update this 10% of search traffic down .
  • Find the query that traffic down after BERT update.
  • Check keyword rankings after BERT update.
  • Modify content which query traffic down.
  • organic search results as well as featured snippets affected by BERT.
  • In other if any search “how to lose weight” and in blog if we describe about “disadvantage of lose weight”, then user not read full blog.
  • For secure site from google Bert algorithm write more meaningful content.

google BERT google really said


At last we can say thar Latest Google BERT update help to increase search query Result.

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