Top SEO Questions with Answer

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top-seo-questions1. Question: What is SEO?

Answer: In easy way we can say that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a  techniques that are applied on websites to increase its ranking on Search Engines Like Google Yahoo, Bing…..

2. Question: How to do SEO of a new website?

Answer: Firstly check website must be complete without any copied content, then work on-page and Offpage  with relevant keywords.

3. Question: How to submit your website to Search Engines (Google)?

Answer: After doing all on page work we submit website on Google with help of Google Search Console, verify the site and then submit sitemap for fast indexing on Search engine.  If you use other search engine like Yahoo, Bing than submit website on Yahoo and Bing Webmaster tools with complete verification process.

4. Question: What are the most popular SEO tools to track other competitor websites?

Answer: Track other website we use both  free or paid tools.

Some free SEO tools to track:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Some Paid SEO tools to track

  • Google PageSpeed Insights,
  •  Moz
  • SEMrush etc.

5. Question: What are SEO keywords and its importance?

Answer: Combination of words which help to generate traffic for site called keywords. Keywords. Good keywords generate more and relevant traffic complete on-page and off-page techniques done with help of keywords.





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