21 Fruits for Vinayaka Chaturthi

21 Fruits for Vinayaka Chaturthi: Symbolism and Significance

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Vinayaka Chaturthi, also known as Ganesh Chaturthi, is a vibrant and significant Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor across India. One of the essential aspects of this festival is the offering of fruits to Lord Ganesha as a symbol of devotion and gratitude. In this blog, we will explore the symbolism and significance of commonly offered 21 Fruits for Vinayaka Chaturthi during Vinayaka Chaturthi celebrations.

List of 21 Fruits for Vinayaka Chaturthi

1. Banana (Kadali Phala)

Symbolism: Bananas symbolize fertility, prosperity, and Lord Ganesha’s blessings for a fruitful life.

2. Coconut (Nariyal)

Symbolism: The coconut represents purity, divinity, and the hard shell symbolizes the ego that must be broken to attain spiritual enlightenment.

3. Mango (Aam)

Symbolism: Mangoes are considered the king of fruits, signifying Lord Ganesha’s royal and divine presence.

4. Apple (Seb)

Symbolism: Apples symbolize knowledge and wisdom, seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha for intellect.

5. Grapes (Angoor)

Symbolism: Grapes represent abundance, fulfillment, and a sweet life blessed by Lord Ganesha.

6. Pomegranate (Anar)

Symbolism: Pomegranates symbolize fertility, prosperity, and the abundance of blessings in one’s life.

7. Orange (Santara)

Symbolism: Oranges represent good health, vitality, and a vibrant life filled with Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

8. Papaya (Papita)

Symbolism: Papayas symbolize purification, detoxification, and the removal of obstacles from one’s life.

9. Guava (Amrud)

Symbolism: Guavas represent the sweetness of life and the desire for a harmonious existence.

10. Pineapple (Ananas)

Symbolism: Pineapples symbolize hospitality and the warm welcome of Lord Ganesha into one’s home and heart.

11. Pear (Nashpati)

Symbolism: Pears symbolize purity and spiritual growth, seeking blessings for a virtuous life.

12. Fig (Anjeer)

Symbolism: Figs represent prosperity, abundance, and a life filled with blessings from Lord Ganesha.

13. Kiwi (Kiwifruit)

Symbolism: Kiwis symbolize transformation and seeking the divine guidance of Lord Ganesha.

14. Lemon (Nimbu)

Symbolism: Lemons represent purity and the removal of negativity, inviting positivity and Lord Ganesha’s grace.

15. Lychee (Litchi)

Symbolism: Lychees symbolize the fulfillment of desires and the sweetness of Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

16. Plum (Aloo Bukhara)

Symbolism: Plums represent abundance and prosperity, seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha for wealth.

17. Kiwano (Horned Melon)

Symbolism: Kiwanos symbolize uniqueness and seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings for a distinctive life journey.

18. Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

Symbolism: Dragon fruits represent the power of transformation and the desire for spiritual growth.

19. Avocado (Butter Fruit)

Symbolism: Avocados symbolize the nourishment of the soul and seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings for inner peace.

20. Passion Fruit (Krishna Phal)

Symbolism: Passion fruits represent devotion and the deep desire for a closer connection with Lord Ganesha.

21. Star Fruit (Kamrakh)

Symbolism: Star fruits symbolize divine guidance and the hope for a bright and successful future under Lord Ganesha’s blessings.


The offering of 21 Fruits for Vinayaka Chaturthi holds deep symbolism and significance. Each fruit carries a unique message, representing various aspects of life, blessings, and aspirations. As you celebrate this auspicious festival, consider the symbolism behind the fruits you offer to Lord Ganesha and let it deepen your spiritual connection and gratitude. May the blessings of Lord Ganesha fill your life with abundance, prosperity, and wisdom.

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