Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Map Seat Numbers

Narendra Modi Stadium Layout, Map, Seating Chart with Numbers

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If you’re planning to attend an event at the remarkable Narendra Modi Stadium, having access to the seating map with seat numbers is crucial. Whether it’s a thrilling cricket match, a star-studded concert, or any other grand event, knowing where you’re seated can enhance your overall experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of the Narendra Modi Stadium seating map with seat numbers, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your visit.

Download PDF: Narendra Modi stadium seating Chart Layout PDF

Narendra Modi Stadium Layout


Seating Capacity132,000– World’s largest cricket stadium
Pitch TypeGrass– Used for international and domestic cricket matches
Pitch Dimensions215 x 185 ft– Compliant with ICC standards for cricket pitches
Main Pavilion53,600– Three tiers with corporate boxes and VIP stands
Club House50,000– Multiple seating tiers and hospitality areas
Media Center1200– Facilities for press conferences and media coverage
Pitch Curator AreaNA– Dedicated area for pitch maintenance and preparation
Concourse AreaNA– Spacious areas for circulation and food stalls
ParkingNA– Ample parking space for vehicles
Practice Pitches6– Adjacent practice facilities for teams and players
Player Dressing RoomsNA– Well-equipped dressing rooms for home and visiting teams
Outdoor FacilitiesNA– Open areas for various outdoor sports and activities
Stadium Name OriginNarendra Modi– Named after the 14th Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi
LocationMotera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat– Located in the Motera locality of Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architectural StyleModern– Contemporary stadium design with a futuristic look
Renovation Year2020-2021– Extensively renovated and modernized in 2020-2021

Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Chart


Seating CategoryNumber of Seats
Main Pavilion30,000
– Corporate Boxes5,000
– VIP Stands10,000
– Premium Seating15,000
Club House20,000
– Premium Club Seats10,000
– Regular Club Seats10,000
General Seating60,000
– Upper Tier30,000
– Lower Tier30,000
Media and Press Area1,200
Pitch Curator AreaNA

Narendra Modi stadium seating Chart Layout PDF

| Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Chart |
| Stand/Section | Block A | Block B | Block C | Block D |
| Level 3 | | | | |
| – Row 1 to Row 30 | | | | |
| Level 2 | | | | |
| – Row 31 to Row 60 | | | | |
| Level 1 | | | | |
| – Row 61 to Row 90 | | | | |
| General Seating| | | | |
| – Upper Tier | | | | |
| – Lower Tier | | | | |
| Premium | | | | |
| – Corporate Boxes | | | | |
| – VIP Stands | | | | |
| – Premium Club Seats | | | | |
| Media Area | | | | |
| – Press Box | | | | |
| Pitch Area | | | | |
| – Pitch Curator Area | | | | |
| Player Facilities | | | | |
| – Home Team Dressing | | | | |
| – Visiting Team Dress.| | | | |

Narendra Modi Stadium Stands Layout


Main PavilionLocated on the western side, offering premium seating with corporate boxes and VIP stands.
Club HouseSituated to the north, providing a mix of premium and regular club seating.
General SeatingSpans the entire eastern and southern sides of the stadium, offering standard seating options.
Upper TierPart of the general seating, located in the upper rows on the eastern and southern sides.
Lower TierPart of the general seating, positioned in the lower rows on the eastern and southern sides.
Media and Press AreaTypically located in a dedicated area with facilities for journalists and media coverage.
Pitch Curator AreaReserved for maintaining and preparing the cricket pitch, usually located near the center of the field.
Practice PitchesAdjacent to the main stadium, where teams can practice before matches.

Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Map Arrangement

Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Map

The seating map of the Narendra Modi Stadium is designed with precision and thoughtfulness to accommodate a massive audience while ensuring everyone has a clear view of the action. The stadium is renowned for its mammoth seating capacity, exceeding 132,000. To fully appreciate the scale, you need to understand the seating arrangement and how seat numbers are organized.

Narendra Modi Stadium Seat Numbers

At the Narendra Modi Stadium, seat numbers play a pivotal role in ensuring a systematic and hassle-free experience for attendees. Whether you’re in the grandstands or the more exclusive sections, your seat number holds the key to locating your spot in the stadium.

Download PDF: Narendra Modi stadium seating Chart Layout PDF

Understand Seating Map Narendra Modi Stadium

The stadium’s seating map is divided into multiple stands and pavilions. Here are some key sections that you should be aware of:

1. General Seating Narendra Modi Stadium

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, the general seating areas are your best bet. These sections offer a great view of the action on the field without breaking the bank.

2. Premium Seating

  • Premium seating areas provide an exclusive experience.
  • These areas offer comfortable seating and often include additional amenities.
  • Premium sections are typically located closer to the center of the field.
  • Seat numbers in premium sections are well-organized, making it easy to find your designated spot.

3. Corporate Boxes

The stadium also features corporate boxes for those who prefer a luxurious experience. These boxes provide a private and opulent setting for events.

4. Accessibility Seating

Narendra Modi Stadium also caters to individuals with special accessibility needs. These seats are strategically placed to ensure easy access and the best view for those with mobility challenges.

Narendra Modi Stadium Seating Arrangement

  • General seating at Narendra Modi Stadium is organized meticulously.
  • In general seating, lower seat numbers are closer to the field action.
  • Seat numbers increase as you move higher or further away from the center in general seating areas.
  • Premium and corporate seating areas follow a straightforward and logical seat arrangement.
  • This logical sequence makes it easy for every guest to locate their designated seat effortlessly.

Narendra Modi Stadium Seat Allocation

When you purchase tickets for an event at the Narendra Modi Stadium, the allocation of seats is usually well-structured. Each ticket comes with specific details about your seat number and the section you’ll be seated in. This information is crucial for a smooth entry and an enjoyable experience.

Ahmedabad Stadium Experience

Your stadium experience at the Narendra Modi Stadium is greatly influenced by the seat numbers and the seating map. When you’re seated in the right location with a clear view of the action, you can fully immerse yourself in the event, be it a thrilling cricket match or an electrifying concert.


In conclusion, understanding the Narendra Modi Stadium seating map with seat numbers is vital for a successful visit. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a music lover, being in the right place within this colossal stadium can make your experience unforgettable. So, before you head to your next event, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the seating arrangement and your assigned seat number, and get ready for an incredible time at this iconic venue.

Download PDF: Narendra Modi stadium seating Chart Layout PDF

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