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Best Marketing Ideas For Your Blog to Make it Successful

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Whenever a writer formulates a blog it is the best possible expression of the emotions. But the concept of digitalization has been pertinent in making blogs a widespread affair. Nowadays, anyone can start a blog and on any subject that they want to. In such a situation the online mediums are overflowed with contents, irrespective of genres. 

Be it a blog on food, travel or even technological niches- the choice is widespread. In such a situation what can a writer or blog owner possibly do, that will make their blog standout? The best way to beat competition is spy their best strategies. There are plenty of spy tools that you use like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. 

blog marketing ideas

Although there is no golden rule that can make your blog the centre of attraction, there are a few market tricks that might just work in your favor. It is absolutely an honest fact that there are quite a few big companies who also have their own blogs. 

Competing with them could be a task as they have amenities like the best contact forms or even top notch writers. You might want to get their best keywords, and sites which are linking to your competitors. However, there are exceptions as well.

Tricks that can help for better marketing of blogs:

When you write a blog, the ultimate aim is for people to read it. There are blogs which get monetized as well because their audience base is quite high. In that case even brands come forth to collaborate with these blogs so that people know about them as well. 

But just like Rome was not built in a day, similarly a good blog cannot be made in one day. To make it reach big, marketing is one of the basic steps. A few tricks that can help you:

  • Use tools: There are ample tools available on the internet that can help you with innumerable marketing options. Some of these also offer trials where you can first test the tool and then further use it. One very commonly used tool is SEMrush. It is a great SEO tool that one must have when running a blog. It is good to always assess your options and then make the final choice.
  • Choose topics which make the readers interested: It is always advised that you go for topics with which the readers can resonate. After all targeting the masses is always the best option because the percentage of readers is much higher in that scenario. Try to write on trending topics, the ones which interest the readers. You could also be interactive. In that case choosing the best contact forms is a good place to start.
  • Use your social media: The social media is a great place not only to communicate with people but also to promote your blogs. Simply add links to the blogs and a percent of your followers or friends will turn into genuine readers. The power of social media for marketing is manifold.
  • Collaborate with a pre established writer: In the field of blogs, there are numerous who are already well established. You could collaborate with them so that a part of their readers could also know about your blog.

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It is never the only factor that leads to steady marketing of the blog. When starting a blog you must have right tools at your corner. There are plenty of free and paid tools that one will need to run a successful blog. 

However, if want to use only one tool, then I would recommend to use Ahrefs and SEMrush. You can also use free SEMrush trial to test its features. Using it you can find plenty of blog post ideas for your blog. 

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