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7 Best Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

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small business ideas

Having an own business is dreamt by all. It gives autonomy, independence, a sense of adventure and handsome profit. However, the biggest delimiting factor faced by most entrepreneurs is capital to invest. 

This factor has crushed many dreams and if you’re reading this, this article is meant to give a direction to your dreams of independent business at a low investment. We will tell you 7 Best Business Ideas with low investment and also the perks of GST registration and how to obtain it.

7 Low Investment Business Ideas in India

Organic Farming

Organic farming is a growing popular business in India. Due to the emerging link of carcinogenic substances in food production chemicals, organic farming is a big alternative. It can be done on a plot and with proper scientific study, soil analysis of the plot, vegetables or fruit can be grown organically. 

The benefit is high returns as Organic produce are in higher demand. Tying up with restaurants and Organic stores will stabilise finances in the short term before going for direct marketing. This is also a very self-satisfaction filled business.

Online delivery of tiffin and meals

In this era of UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, tiffin meal service is a goldmine. Healthy home-cooked food is desired by all. Customizing this idea to your own needs and cooking skills will fetch great returns. 

Selling even one item with proper marketing will fetch high goodwill and returns. This idea is very useful for home makers and people passionate in cooking. Proper investment with good strategy can earn up to Rs.30,000 – Rs.50,000 per month.

Social media marketing

This is a trendy business and the major investment in this over money is time. At low investment this is a high-income business. Every company, organisation needs promotion and exploiting this need for businesses is rewarding. 

It is a very budding business idea .Sitting at home one can earn good money. Freelancing is another great idea for independent business. The good part of this business is there are plenty of training available for digital marketing.

Pet care services

Pets are found in almost every other home. They require extensive care and service for wellbeing. If one is well versed in dealing with pets, this is a great idea. Travelling with pets is a challenge, they cannot be taken along everywhere hence providing pet care service or a pet crèche when owners are away with other services like grooming etc is a great idea for a low investment business. 

Organic soap

Organic soaps is an upcoming budding market with high potential if properly tapped. It has a growing demand especially in urban agglomerates. Raw materials like herbs, glycerine, oils, and microwave will be needed to start. These can be found at affordable prices. Initial Investment amount around 1 lakh rs would be required. This business promises high returns.

Glamour and beauty photography

Who doesn’t want to appear attractive and glamorous? Photoshoots are in trend. Glamour photography is required in many fields. Investments are only photographic equipment and annual servicing charges. Photography can also be extended to other domains than glamour photo. 

Gardening services

A great small business idea with low investment inputs. This current pandemic scenario has made people prioritise their mental well-being and people are increasingly becoming aware and understanding the benefits of living and working around green spaces and surroundings. Many people have now started maintaining small green spaces in their apartments and offices and hence require supply of planting materials, soiling substances. 

One can easily do this business from home. Packets of fertilizers, seeds, etc. can be sold from home. Also little manpower will be helpful. These services can also be given to households, people with exotic plants, flowers, lawns who are unable to allot time for gardening. Investments involve gardening materials, equipment’s and some machinery. Gardening services have round-the-year demand.

Proper training, strategy and planning are required to make the most out of these ideas. Getting GST registration will add legitimacy, support to the business and stability in the long run. Obtaining a GST registration is not lengthy and can be obtained in weeks. It can be easily obtained on the GST portal with some documents only. 

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