Chandrayaan-3 Launch Time

All About Chandrayaan 3 Landing and Congratulations Message

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The world holds its breath as India’s space agency, ISRO, achieves yet another milestone in its space exploration journey. Chandrayaan-3, the third installment of India’s lunar exploration mission, has successfully touched down on the lunar surface, marking a historic achievement for the nation and the global space community. This remarkable feat demonstrates India’s growing prowess in space technology and its commitment to unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

Chandrayaan-3 Landing Date and Time

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Time:

6:04 PM

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date

23rd Aug 2023

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Congratulations Message

Dear Chandrayaan 3 Team,

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations on the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar surface! This monumental achievement marks a significant milestone not only for India’s space agency, ISRO, but also for the entire global space community.

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Photos

Chandrayaan 3 misson

2nd Image
ch3 Lander

Before landing team excitment

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Video

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Video

Chandrayaan-3 Budget

Approx 615 crores = 250 crores for propulsion and other 365 crores for launch expenses

Speed of Chandrayaan 3

3 m/sec, or 10.8 km/hour

What is the mass of chandrayaan-3

Over 1,700 kg (3,747.86 lb)

Chandrayaan-3 Launch Vehicle

Vehicle MARK-III (LVM-3) rocket

What is the length of chandrayaan-3

2 meters tall

What is the name of the launcher of Chandrayaan-3?


Chandrayaan-3 Lander Name


Chandrayaan-3 Rover Name


Chandrayaan-3 Launch Date and Place

14 July 2023, at 2:35 pm IST 

From Satish Dhawan Space Centre Second Launch Pad in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India

A Journey of Innovation:

Chandrayaan-3’s journey has been one of innovation, dedication, and hard work. From the initial planning stages to the meticulous engineering and testing, ISRO’s scientists and engineers have showcased their brilliance every step of the way. The mission’s success reflects the culmination of years of research, development, and teamwork.

A Step Towards Scientific Discovery:

The primary objective of Chandrayaan-3 was to conduct a soft landing on the lunar surface and deploy a suite of scientific instruments to study the Moon’s geology, mineralogy, and surface composition. By analyzing the data collected from these instruments, scientists hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Moon’s history, evolution, and its role in the solar system.

Global Collaboration and Inspiration:

Chandrayaan-3’s success isn’t just a victory for India; it’s a moment of pride and inspiration for the entire world. The mission serves as a reminder of the importance of international collaboration in space exploration. Scientific discoveries made possible by missions like Chandrayaan-3 transcend national boundaries and enrich our collective understanding of the cosmos.

Educational Impact:

Beyond its scientific goals, Chandrayaan-3 has a profound educational impact. It sparks curiosity and fosters a passion for science and space exploration among the youth. As students witness the achievements of Chandrayaan-3, they are inspired to dream big and pursue careers in fields that contribute to our understanding of the universe.


The successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 is a testament to human ingenuity, dedication, and the spirit of exploration. This achievement not only propels India’s space program to new heights but also reminds us all of the incredible possibilities that can be realized through collaboration, perseverance, and a shared passion for understanding the cosmos. As we celebrate this historic milestone, let us look forward to the discoveries and advancements that Chandrayaan-3’s mission will undoubtedly unlock in the years to come.


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