Chhath Puja Samagri List

Chhath Puja Samagri List छठ पूजा में लगने वाली सामग्री

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Chhath Puja, a revered Hindu festival, involves a meticulous arrangement of items to perform the rituals with devotion and precision. Here’s a concise guide to the essential Chhath Puja samagri (items) required for this sacred observance.

15 Chhath Puja Samagri List छठ पूजा में लगने वाली सामग्री

1. Arghya Samagri:

  • Copper or brass bowls for offering water to the Sun God.
  • Uncooked rice, fruits, and betel leaves for the arghya (offering).

2. Thekua Ingredients:

  • Process to make Thekua is Wheat flour, jaggery, and ghee for preparing thekua, a special Chhath Puja sweet.
  • Cardamom and grated coconut for added flavor.

3. Diyas and Akhand Jyoti:

  • Earthen lamps (diyas) for lighting during rituals.
  • Continuous-burning lamp (Akhand Jyoti) symbolizing longevity and prosperity.

4. Red Saree for Women:

  • Red saree, symbolizing auspiciousness, for women observing the fast.

5. Bamboo Basket:

  • A bamboo basket for offering prasad and carrying puja items to the riverbank.

6. Fruits and Nuts:

  • Bananas, sugarcane, coconuts, and seasonal fruits for offering.

7. Bael Leaves and Flowers:

  • Bael leaves for making a sacred bed for offerings.
  • Marigold flowers for decorating the puja area.

8. Daura and Gamcha:

  • Daura (thread) for tying the thekua and offering to the Sun God.
  • Gamcha (towel) for the cleanliness aspect of the ritual.

9. Holy Water:

  • Ganga Jal (holy water from the Ganges) for purification.

10. Sandalwood Paste and Kumkum:

  • Sandalwood paste and kumkum for tilak (forehead mark) during the puja.

11. Coir Mat:

  • Coir mat for sitting during the puja.

12. Milk and Sweets:

  • Milk for rituals and making kheer (sweet rice) as prasad.

13. Mirror:

  • A small mirror for rituals, symbolizing the reflection of cosmic energy.

14. Red Alta:

  • Red alta for decorating hands and feet.

15. Chhathi Maiya’s Idol:

  • Idol or image of Chhathi Maiya, a key element in the puja.


Chhath Puja is a celebration of gratitude and devotion, and the proper arrangement of Chhath Puja samagri ensures that the rituals are conducted with sincerity. This comprehensive guide will assist devotees in preparing for the festival, allowing them to embrace the spiritual essence of Chhath Puja with all the essential elements at their fingertips. May the Sun God’s blessings shine upon all who partake in this sacred observance.

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