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Common Signs Your Truck Needs Repairs

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The more reliably the truck delivers goods, the more reliably the paycheck comes. But, Just like our bodies, trucks need a substantial amount of care and maintenance. Continuous working and no proper maintenance can damage them, leading to some of the more costly repair needs. Having a plan to manage truck maintenance is critical, and it’s also essential for drivers to fully understand common warning signs that indicate the need for help sooner. 

There are signs that your truck needs maintenance, which can vary according to the model, but some are common signs that every truck shows. SRB Equipment is here to show you signs of wear and tear on your truck that indicate when it is time to take it in for a checkup or repair. Let’s get started. 

Dashboard Lights

Most modern trucks are good at indicating what’s wrong with them. They illuminate the light on the dashboard as there are many locomotion problems light could indicate. Knowing what your dashboard lights mean can reduce your hefty amount of repairs. Always, recognize the dashboard lights before the vehicle begins to suffer. Here’s a list of common dashboard lights for trucks:

  • Engine Warning
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Engine Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Brake Pressure
  • Tire Pressure
  • Transmission Warning

While some symbols are universal, every make and model has a couple of distinctions when displaying warning lights. In this case, read the owner’s manual for particular symbols.

Bad Mileage

Significant changes in fuel economy, such as filling up more often, could indicate your truck need repair. A truck delivering low fuel mileage can indicate many things. In most cases, a damaged engine cannot work correctly and, in turn, can consume more fuel. A tune-up may help identify the underlying cause so repairs can occur. 

You can buy various tools to check your engine’s fuel economy, but if you have a truck equipped with an electronic onboard computer (EOBC), the dashboard will display how much fuel you are using per mile. You can get professional truck maintenance services to increase the mileage from your truck. 

Leaking Fluids

Fluid leakage in power steering, transmission, hydraulics and engine coolant are the signs that your truck desperately needs careful inspection and repairs. Without addressing these, breakdowns could occur and could damage the engine itself. Moreover, Your engine’s power might be significantly affected, and you might experience poor performance and other significant issues. Some of the most common leakage fluid problems and their disadvantages are:

  • Motor engine oil leakage will cause your truck to use more fuel because of increased friction on the mechanical parts.
  • Compressed air leakage may increase stopping distances and less ability for your truck to stop quickly. 
  • Transmission fluid leakage may increase engine temperature, more challenging gear changes, and increase fuel consumption. 
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage in the power steering system can cause a loss of control in the steering wheel.
  • Leakage in the engine coolant system can cause the engine to overheat and increase the need for coolant flushes.

Vehicle Exhaust Colors

When your truck’s exhaust pipe is illuminated with a colour other than white could be a hazardous sign. Emissions from the heavy-duty truck or semi-truck come out of the engine as a blue flame and should be a thin white from the expelled water vapours.

There are other colours of smoke to consider. 

  • Thicker white-grey exhaust indicates a leaking of the head gasket. 
  • Blue or grey exhaust means oil leakage. 
  • Black exhaust means a blocked manifold, a clogged engine air filter.

In all cases, you will need a heavy-duty truck repair shop lest the engine overheats and suffer catastrophic damage.

Unusual Vibrations and Noises

While driving the vehicle, the most annoying thing you can experience is unwanted vibrations and noises. Solve them before they develop into serious errors. Different noises mean different issues some of these are:

  • The bonnet’s sounds are caused by a loose wire belt and can cause issues like engine overheating and early battery drainage. 
  • Noise from the exhaust means a hole or crack in it.
  • The clashing metal sound could be a broken part of your car scrubbing on something, causing damage to both parts. 
  • Uneven engine noises could occur if your truck cannot handle the air or fuel mixture.
Common Truck Problems on Road

Braking Issues

Another sign your truck needs maintenance are brake issues. The most common types of brakes include drum brakes or disk brakes. Drum brakes are found at the rear of heavy-duty trucks, while disk brakes can be seen upfront or in the back. Signs that your vehicle is having braking issues include 

  • A grinding noise from engaging the brake pads
  • Loss of power steering to the wheels
  • Difficulty in stopping on hills 
  • Vibration when you press the brakes
  • A feeling of squishiness when you push the brake pedal down
  • Pulling to one side when braking

What Is the Best Way to Avoid Problems? 

Truck owners are always up with questions regarding truck problems. The best way to avoid any damage is to make sure to follow specific steps, such as 

  • Regular service and maintenance.
  • Follow the service plan provided to you. 
  • Never wait for things to go wrong, and react as soon as possible. 

What to Do When There’s a Problem

In situations where these signs develop, it’s essential to get timely help. A mobile service truck is often the best solution for immediate problems. It’s best not to wait for the next scheduled maintenance to get repairs inspected. Some of these problems could increase the risk of accidents. In other cases, the damage to the vehicle can worsen over time if not addressed ASAP.

It is essential to take notice of these issues, as they might result in a big problem. You can now book an expert truck and trailer repair in Edmonton at the lowest market prices.

Don’t Wait to Get Help for Your Vehicle

When you need help with your fleet vehicles right away, having a company lined up for truck maintenance services is critical. SRB Equipment offers 24/7 emergency road service that can quickly address any of these concerns. We even have our truck and trailer repair shop in Edmonton, so we’ll be able to handle more severe problems. Contact us anytime–we won’t relax until all truck returns to the road more efficiently. 

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