Modular kitchen design

How Can I Make Modular Kitchen in India?

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As we all are very well aware of the importance of the kitchen in an Indian home. Therefore, it becomes one of the major concerns for every Indian family to think about the new up-gradation for their kitchen to enhance the quality standard of their home. 

Modular kitchen design

A lot of questions are always raised in our minds while thinking about the refurbishment of the kitchen. But for all the problems we have a solution: A modular kitchen. When planning kitchen renovation look for the best modular kitchen designs as they will enhance the overall look of your kitchen and home

What is a Small Modular kitchen?

A small modular kitchen is a solution to the challenges you face in your day to day life in your traditional old, boring, dull. Moreover, it is the selection of modules or cabinets with a specific function and purpose. It makes your everyday task in the kitchen very easy and simple with its durability and functions. small Modular kitchens in Mumbai are not just trendy but also convenient for their use that’s why they are called modular.

Well! Some will wonder why they need to have a modular kitchen when they already have their traditional kitchen. For this, you should first know about the advantages of a Modular kitchen over a traditional one.

Modular Kitchen Advantages

When it comes to functionality and aesthetics then, a Small Modular kitchen enjoys lots of advantages. Look at some of the benefits of a Modular kitchen

  1. Easy assembly: The striking feature of a modular kitchen is extremely easy to assemble. You put a lot of effort into making your kitchen easy to use but it is difficult to do so in a traditional kitchen as it neither has kitchen modules or cabinets nor are they easy to assemble. But the latest modular kitchen designs 2021 will help you to solve this problem.
  2. Best use of space: In your old traditional kitchen lots of your space get eaten up. But you will not face the storage problem in a modular kitchen because the kitchen modules are set up in such an ancient way so that you can store a lot. 
  3. Customization: Modular kitchen design offers to build customised kitchens. It all depends on your usage of the kitchen. You can choose specific kitchen designs, colours and designs that suit your kitchen and work for you well in the long run.  
  4. Efficient storage option: Modular kitchens are specially built for efficient storage.  It has the storage capacity to hold modules that will surprise you. Kitchen accessories like shelves, cabinets and drawers will help you to get a clutter-free kitchen and easy access to store more items. 
  5. Convenient: As in your traditional kitchen, there is always a hassle with dealing with contractors. But in a modular pvc kitchen, you will never face any problems that you face in your old kitchen.

Most of us think a modular pvc kitchen is expensive and we can not afford it. Well! It is not that expensive. You can contact any contractor the carpenter but first, let should we know about it,

How much does a modular kitchen cost?

Usually, the modular pvc kitchen cost in Mumbai depends upon the size, accessories chosen, the material you want, layout and hardware you selected. In India, States like Mumbai it will cost around 1 lakh INR and above. But for customised information, you can contact your online furniture store in Mumbai. 

How to design a modular kitchen?

After the selection procedure, we need to plan about it. Because a modular kitchen poses a challenge to design, organise and it needs a maximum utilization space and utmost full care.

Here are some easy steps that can help you, planning modular kitchen design:

1.Define the layout or space: It is the most important step for modelling a kitchen. You can only decide the arrangement of the countertops, storage areas, appliances by keeping in mind the layout of your kitchen and the space available there.

The most common layout used for a kitchen in India is a straight lino, L shaped, U shaped, parallel shaped and a full rectangular shape with the dour. For selecting the suitable layout for your kitchen you need to plan it with your contractor.

2. Select the modules: While planning modular kitchen designs 2022 our focus goes to the modules and the cabinets of the kitchen. Each module has the advantage of its usage. So, select very carefully. You can go for shelf modules, as they are the cheapest and as well as  you can easily place them

3.Select the material for the kitchen counter: Granite is durable, easy to maintain and the best value for the money. That’s why this material is commonly used in the kitchen.

4.Select the countertop: After selecting the layout, kitchen finishes, modules, you can choose the countertop. You have a variety of choices so prefer the best one of your choice.

5.choose the right appliances: After fixing up the top now, you can choose the right appliances for your kitchen such as a chimney, microwave,  oven, hob etc. 

Type of small space small modular kitchen:

  • l shaped small modular kitchen
  • Small parallel modular kitchen designs
  • Small pvc modular kitchen
  • Small non modular kitchen
  • Small u shaped modular kitchen
  • Small semi modular kitchen
  • Small straight modular kitchen designs
  • Small kutchina modular kitchen

With the above information, you can create a perfect modular kitchen. It will not only enhance the quality standard but also helps you to get the most appropriate and most suited designs. Look for the best and latest modular kitchen designs to give a luxury look to your kitchen. 


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