About Fire Engineering

What is Fire and Safety engineering and Scope of Fire Engineering?

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Fire engineering is a field of science in which we get to know how we prevent or protect living beings, property and environment from outbreak of fire. It is full study of how we prevent human beings from fire. In fire engineering we learn how to face and tackle the outbreak of fire suddenly.

It is dangerous work or profession, which saves human being, property,and environment from fire. It is also an art and science to design building and facility for life safety and property safety in the event of unwanted fire

What is The Objective of Fire Engineering ?

Fire engineering is a work to prevent or protect human beings, property, and environment from fire, the main objective of fire engineering is to advise or guide or protect people from unwanted fire accidents, fire engineering work with objective precaution is better than cure.

What are The Scope of Fire and Safety Engineering ?

The scope of fire engineer is very vast, they can go or join anywhere for employment, fire engineer can employed in any sector whether it is government or private sector ,they can go in any industry whether it is manufacturing ,chemical, or bottle handling, petroleum refinery, textile industry. they can go in  any industry . They can also be employed as house builder, contractor.

Industry that produce or manufacture or deal in dangerous inflammable products must have fire engineers, the scope is very vast there are so many govt fire extinguisher companies or agencies where fire engineers can be employed.

What Should We Do to Become a Fire and Safety Engineering ?

Fire engineer is a man or person that prevent or save human being, property and environment from threat of unwanted fire. Here we are going to tell you that what should you do to become a fire engineer, An aspirant should have a degree or diploma in B.E /B TECH fire engineering or equivalent degree in fire engineering,

What are The Quality That Every  Fire Fighter Should Have ?

Physical Fitness of Fire Fighter

No person can become a fire fighter . It is a very dangerous job so a person should be physically fit.  Firefighter endure extreme condition when responding to emergencies while carrying heavy load and equipments

Patience and Tolerance of Fire Fighter

Fire fighter should have patience and tolerance power because they have to spend long hour in sitting around fire house with their colleague, they have to fight several hours with dangerous fire with same people

Dedication of Fire Fighter

Indian fire fighter are among the most dedicated public servant ,that is totally dedicated toward their mission  and save people from harm. All the fire fighter are very dedicate to their  work ,because they can’t go anywhere until they completed their dangerous mission, some time they even don’t meet their family when ever they complete their duty

Good Communication Skill Must Fire Fighter

A good firefighter is one who have good communication skill,because  a good communication  skill is must while communicating with needy people at the time of dangerous situation and while fighting with fire,good communication skill is important factor which is necessary to have in every firefighter

Fire Fighter Have Uncommon Courage

A  firefighter should have uncommon courage while fighting with fire,because a unique courage is must for every firefighter while they save human from fire .

About Fire Engineering

What are The Types of Fire Engineering ?

  • Fire prevention engineering– It is a science and engineering of principles to protect people, property and environment from harmful effect of fire.it encompass the engineering which focus on fire detect, fire suppression, fire mitigation
  • Fire safety engineering– fire safety engineer design system and structure that lie dormant within our built environment. waiting for extreme events,the knowledge technology and engineering that contribute to fire safety are fundamental to escaping the environment, the fire and rescue service and protection of property.

What is The Role of Fire Engineer and Safety Engineering?

The duty of a fire engineer is to plan and give suggestions   on both old working sites and new work undergoing refurbishment in regard to fire safety measures, their role is to avert, preserve the life of people and property and environment from harmful effects of fire.

What are The Courses for Fire Engineering ?

  • Three-and-a-half year B.E. with practical training in fire service
  • Sub-Officers Courses.
  • B Tech in Safety & Fire Engineering.
  • 3-year BSc. (Fire)
  • Firemen Training Courses.

What are The Best Institute for Fire Engineering ?


What precaution should be taken to fire engineers?

  1. Provide adequate means of escape
  2. Conduct regular fire drills
  3. Use flame retardant material in interior
  4. Keep the building plans handy
  5. Make your office accessible to fire fighter

How fire engineer helps in making building ?

Fire engineer identify risk and design safeguard that assist in preventing ,controlling and mitigating  the effect of fire, they assist building owner,architecture ,and building developer  in evaluating building life safety and  property protection goal, they guide architecture that how the developing building will be safe from the  outbreak of accidental fire,they  give perfect and right direction in making building safe and secure. Fire engineers play a crucial role in giving direction about safety and protection ,they notify us to where we have to insert fire safety equipment .Without their direction and guidance no big building and big multis can be built.they have sufficient knowledge to guide peoples for fire protection.

Why would you like to consider a career specializing in fire engineer ?

All over the world fire engineer job is one of the  dangerous and demanding job .it plays  a  very significant role in  saving  life of people,property,and environment,that is why it is considered one of the hot career option in engineer field. reliability, confidence,Discipline, quickness these are the qualities that a good fire engineer should have.

How do you become a certified fire engineer ?

  • Getting experience as a firefighter–  working as a firefighter for one or more than two year will help you in job profile of fire engineer, because when you perform job as a firefighter .you will face real actual situation  and get to know that how to tackle real dangerous situation
  • Complete bachelor degree in fire engineer – Completion of bachelor degree is a standard requirement in fire engineer job, you can go to universities that have fire protection major or pursue a general engineer major  or join a class for fire protection courses.you can go for vitm fire engineering college in indore.this is the best college among fire engineering college.
  • Passing of fundamental of engineering exam–  Passing of fundamental test of engineering from national council of examiner for engineering and surveying is the first step in getting the license as a fire protection engineer.

Fire Engineering Salary

According to glassdoor Fire Engineering Salary is below

According to Payscale.com Fire Engineering Salary is below


If you are student and want to pursuing engineering field ,I will suggest you go for fire engineering courses  ,because at this time this field is in demanding and have vast scope ,you can employed at anywhere easily  I will suggest you some best  universities name for fire engineering courses  if you choose career in fire engineering, colleges you can follow-

  1. Vitm fire engineering college in indore.
  2. Vitm fire engineering college in gwalior.
  3. IIT Kharagpur fire engineering college .
  4. DIAT Pune fire engineering college.
  5. Sandip University,fire engineering college in nasik


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