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How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast?

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If you are new in twitter and know all about how to increase twitter followers in easy way.

Basic ideas about how you get 20k followers by optimizing your Twitter profile?

Some basic tips about how to get more Twitter followers :

  • Select right posting time.
  • Post visual content with right information.
  • Use hashtags proper ways.
  • Engage with replies, retweets and tags regularly.
  • Build an inviting and good profile
  • Search followers within your network.
  • use real image on your profile
  • Pin your awsome tweet
  • Always add location in your tweet
  • Get verified by Twitter
  • Use twitter button on your website or blog
  • Embed tweet in your blog
  • Tweet Regularly
  • Use Hash Tag Properly
  • Tag other people and brands
  • Create pole on twitter
  • Touch with influncer
  • Add video in tweets
  • Use twitter 280 character limit
  • Make private and public twitter list
  • A/B tweets test
  • Follow Friday (FF) Hash tag on twitter
  • Participating Twitter Chats
  • Tweets about other
  • Respond quickly
  • Add header image
  • Tweet inspirational and motivational tweets
  • Add question in your tweets
  • Use video in your tweets
  • Creativity in tweets
  • Eye catching image
  • Follow LinkedIn connection
  • Add Twitter profile in email signature
  • Share Twitter profile
  • Run new contests
  • Twitter widgets in your blog

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