Home Gift Ideas For Your Design Savvy Friends

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It’s probably difficult to know what interests the person more but if you have been once in their apartment or place then you might have some gift ideas or dome hints for that person to treat on their birthday or on any special day. Well, if you find yourself in the dilemma of finding that perfect gift that can tantalise the aesthetic vibe they crave for then you are on the right page. Now don’t look anywhere else, because we have compiled some gift ideas that might help you to impress that design savvy friends and family in your life. 

Home Gift Idea

Before hopping into something just make sure it matches with their personality and style because a person’s place is the reflection of their own vibe. You better not take this gift challenge more lightly because if you do and not consider the things of their taste then you are going to risk your money and time on something that they might don’t find interesting in the end. So before choosing or selecting any gift idea make sure it’s according to their taste and preferences. Also don’t forget to pair this gift item with an online happy birthday cake to make their day brighter.  Now let’s look at what we have gathered for you and we have confidence in you that you will make the right choice.

Let’s start type of Home Gift Idea:

1. Portrait 

They say the best way to capture the moments is to collect them in the form of pictures or portraits, so that one can relish all those good times once again in life. You can either customise the portrait of their own family picture or their house. You just have to make sure that the portrait frame should match with their interior designs and pattern. And in this way, it would be easier for them to make it compatible with their whole vibe. Your friends and family will thank you for giving such a thoughtful and meaningful gift to them. 

Portrait gift idea

2. Indoor Plants 

If this friend loves to be around the fresh greenery and plants then this one is definitely made for them. You can give them bamboo or lilies as they are considered lucky because they bring good luck charm to one’s house and property. If you don’t find this gift idea enough then you can pair it up with a ceramic planter to hang on the balcony. This gift idea is sure to give a fresh and aesthetic vibe to their place. 

indoor plant gift idea

3. Brooms 

According to the traditions, it has been said that it’s lucky to receive all purpose brooms when someone just got shifted to a new place or apartment. Also, it’s a belief that old brooms carry all negativity and bad vibes. But if you don’t want to believe that but still you can consider this gift idea for that person in your life who believes in this. 

Brooms gift ideas

4. Bookends 

Another best gift for design savvy friends and family is a bookshelf where they can decorate their favourite collection. It’s an ideal gift item for book and magazine storage in an elegant way. With this gift item you can also give them a pair of 1-3 books so that they can find this more useful and thoughtful. 

bookend gift idea

5. Theme Candles 

If you haven’t heard about such candles then you are missing out a lot in your life. If your friends or family are feeling a little conscious about moving into a new place yet they seem very excited then you can give them a themed candle that can get customised according to the smell of their last apartment. This will help them to bring back all the old memories.

Theme Candles

So these are some gift ideas for every home obsessed friend in your list to impress them on their special day. 


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