Meditation Improve Kids Focus

How Meditation Improve Kids Focus

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We’re the parents, we are aware of how difficult it is to keep our children focused on tasks like studying, eating, sleeping, and so on.

But the question is why it is a tough task for parents. Ohh hoo, this is such a naughty question like our little champs. 

Despite how clumsy/naughty they are, we fall in love with every moment. Kids tend to be over-enthusiastic, easily distracted and clumsy. You cannot manage them in an adult manner.

So how you can keep your kids focused for a very long time. 

Meditation techniques for Kids are the answer to this difficult parenting challenge. Let’s talk about 

How meditation improve kids focus

The best way for kids to increase their focus is through meditation. Kids who practice meditation can improve their concentration and are able to focus for long periods of time. 

Meditation is beneficial for increasing mental capacity and boosting cognitive function. As a result, it has been shown that meditation improves mental focus and calmness. Parents can adopt a meditation routine for their children. Inspiring your child to frequently join you in your meditation session. 

Benefits of regular meditation practice for Kids

  • It helps in building focus and concentration level.
  • It can help in boosting cognitive functions.
  • It can increase compassion and empathy in a person.
  • It gives you a fit and positive mind.
  • You will get clarity in your thoughts.
  • Meditation helps in balancing the emotional regulation skills.

How would you get your kids to meditation practice?

You should teach meditation to kids in interesting ways like some Kids fun Activities. You need to go very slow to make it more convincing to your kid, try some activity. Such as animated meditation game shows, easy to do meditation challenges, prizes and appreciation for every practice.   

Nowadays, kids are very used to smartphones. So this is the best time to make productive use of smartphones. Put a yoga related program on your phone or play a yoga video to attract your kid to do so. 

Encourage them to practice meditation every day as soon as they begin to show an interest in it. Involve yourself actively in their clumsy behavior as well. 

In this article we will help you in finding some useful tips regarding how meditation can improve kids’ focus. You must go through A Step-by-Step Guide for Teaching Children to Meditate.

A step-by-step guide for teaching children to meditate

Step [1] 

You should begin by giving some basic instructions on how to meditate, such as how to sit, how to breathe, how to move your hands, etc. To teach children about meditation, you can use animated videos as a resource. On YouTube, there are plenty of free meditation videos.

Step [2]

Try to find out their preferences like how they want to meditate. Whether a guided meditation for kids session or a silent meditation. So you can choose the best way suited to your kid. Although guided one is much preferred by the parents for kids.

Step [3]

Use stories based meditation techniques with children. Take the time to explain the fundamentals in a very simple way. Ask the child to concentrate on the details of a made-up narrative.

Step [4]

Frame out a game of this process. You can play soft, soothing music to enrich their meditation. You can ask them to jot down the type of sounds they heard during the short meditation session. With this you can make them focus on their breath too. 

Step [5]

Do the task together. Try to take out a few minutes to do meditation with your kid. You are very much aware how kids imitate their parents, therefore your daily meditation practice can encourage your kid to do it regularly.   

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We’ve now talked about some useful guidelines for teaching children in meditation. Let’s now look at some quick and easy meditation techniques for children of all ages.

Quick and easy meditation techniques for children of all ages

1. Breath observation

Try to observe your breath and treat it like your best friend. To start a meditation session with your kid, ask them to close their eyes and take slow breaths in and out. 

2. Breathing exercise

You must have noticed your kid coming home tired after doing some physical activity. Now it’s time for you to pay attention to them. Ask them to sit with you for a while to do meditation.

Tell them to close their eyes and take a deep breath. With this you can ask them to do the Bhramari pranayama. In this bee buzzing sound is produced that may make the kid laugh it out too. 

This activity will relax them. Similarly, you can ask them to do Bhastrika pranayama that will help them in giving clarity of thoughts. These breathing exercises will improve kids’ focus. 

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3. Relax down

Calm down your facial muscles which have been exposed to screens for so long. Ask the kids to rub their palms and simply put them on their faces with eyes closed. Now slowly and gently massage the face, cheeks, eyebrows, ears, mouth, chin. This is just a warm up exercise.

4. Whispering

Whispers before meditation technique can calm down your kid who is loud and enthusiastic. Try to talk in a soft tone to them rather than yelling at them. Your yelling can offend them and make them stubborn. 

Whisper them in a soft tone that they are not audible. You will notice that they are lowering their voice. Whispering is a meditation technique that can be considered as a breathing technique known as Ujjayi or ocean breath. This is the best tool to keep their Zen. 

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I Hope this article will be helpful to you. Now, controlling your overly enthusiastic child and calming him down can be simple. To make things simple for you to understand, we tried to cover important aspects of meditation and how it can improve kids’ focus . With these tips, you may easily encourage your child to concentrate. Children’s focus is improved by meditation.


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