new Search console or Webmaster Tools vs Old

How to Differentiate Between New Search Console And Old Search Console ?

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new Search console or Webmaster Tools vs OldIf you don’t know about new search console , this small blog will help you the main differences between new and old Search Console or Webmaster Tools.

Simple changes by Google Webmaster Tools:

New Search Console or Webmaster Tools has add some new features compare to Old:

  • Sixteen months of search traffic data in new search console compare to three months in the old search console
  • New and improved reports and tools, described next.
  • More information about a specific page, including canonical URL, index coverage, mobile using process etc…
  • Most important features of webmaster tools are Works on mobile devices
  • Tracking flows to support search console user to monitor, resolve, and request a re-crawl of pages disturb by crawling issues..

How to Compare Between Old and New  Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool?

  • Search Analytics  term replaced by search performance with more details
  • Rich cards replaced by Individuals Enhancement Reports
  • Links to Your site internal links replaced by links
  • Index Status replaced by Index coverage Status
  • Sitemap reports replaced with new sitemaps
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages replaced with AMP Status
  • Manual action replaced by new Manual Actions
  • Fetch As Google  replaced by URL Inspection Tools


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