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IB Economics Essay – How to Get Top Marks

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Long answer questions are a part of the first IB Economics Essay Paper, and they
can be stressful and difficult for many students if they are not well-prepared.
Fortunately, there are several recommendations that will ensure you present a
convincing case and receive a high grade.

Question Categories

It is important to distinguish between the various questions categories in the IB
Economics Essay Paper. There are some lengthy responses that typically demand
data from the pupils. Students are required to examine and extrapolate data from
an extract in these questions.

Additionally, some queries don’t require a data response of any kind. The primary
distinction between these two question types is that data response questions
require you to use the information gathered from the provided data, whereas
questions that don’t typically require a data response usually call for you to
supplement the information with some of your own knowledge relevant to the
particular situation.

Following are some tips you should adhere to in order to ensure a high grade on
the IB economics essay paper now that you are aware of the distinctions between
these question types:

Recognize the Issue

Take your time to comprehend the question’s main premise. If you are having
trouble answering it, it is advised that you try to repeat it in your own clear words.
Once you are clear on its main point, you may begin composing your response.
It is advised that you continuously remind yourself of the question as you write
your response. When writing lengthy IB economics essay responses, students can
get off to a good start before forgetting what the inquiry was all about. Failure to
appropriately respond to the question as a result of this results in low marks.

Organize Your Response in the First Paragraph

One of the most crucial components of this study is its structure. Therefore, it is
strongly advised that you attempt to state your perspective in the very first
sentence while writing a response to a question or expressing your viewpoint.
Then, elaborate on your response by outlining your justifications in the phrases
that follow. This is a simple and effective method for structuring your essay
because it enables you to go back to your introduction.

Use Concise Sentences Only

It’s best to write in brief sentences to ensure thought clarity. The main thing you
should stay away from when composing your replies is cramming several
concepts into one line.
Although it may seem a little stiff to write responses in brief, straightforward
lines, remember that there are no bonus points for lengthy, in-depth paragraphs.
Not to mention that short, uncomplicated words aid in time management by
allowing you to concentrate on one issue at a time.


Your economics tutor or teacher may frequently bring up evaluation, even if they
may not have adequately explained what it entails or why you must complete it.
In economics, evaluation is just the process of giving your argument some

In your IB economics essay, you must mention the numerous opposing viewpoints
while presenting a specific argument. If you think a central bank should raise
interest rates, for instance, to combat inflation, you should also outline the
drawbacks of this course of action, even if you think it is the right one.

Put Graphics to Work to Support Your Arguments

In economics, graphs are highly prevalent, and economists frequently use them to
demonstrate the links they think exist. You are expected to grasp a number of
fundamental ideas for A-level economics, and many of these concepts employ
straightforward graphs to illustrate them. You must create all the essential graphs
for your IB economics essay paper in order to effectively demonstrate your views
and earn a high grade.

Try to complete your essay in 90% of the time allotted.

It’s simple to write rambling, protracted articles in economics, but that doesn’t
imply you should. When you decide to do this, you face the risk of running out of
time. It is advised that you set time constraints for writing your IB economics
essays during practice tests and adhere to them. Learning to finish your essays in
the allotted time will help you avoid not finishing them in the exam and will also
allow you to thoroughly evaluate your responses and add supporting details that
will improve your score.

Management of time

It is crucial to know how to save time when writing your IB economics essay paper
because time is of the essence. You can do a few things to save time. First, unless
it’s necessary to depict a new curve movement or shift, try to avoid sketching the
same diagram repeatedly.

Second, avoid using the same economic definition more than once. When
employing a term in your essay again after having already defined it, you may
always make reference to that definition. However, feel free to broaden the
definition if you believe the phrase might have a different meaning in a different

Find Complete Past Papers for Your Exam Board

Although doing past papers may seem like a tedious and drawn-out manner of
revising, it’s crucial if you want to do well on your IB Economics essay topic. So,
locate the website of your exam board and download each and every past exam
that is offered. Making mark systems for the exams you are taking would also be a
good idea. Examine all of the exam questions from previous tests, and write
essays for those that are frequently asked. This will increase the likelihood that
you will already have the ideal essay prepared when you take the exam.
You can also use tribe topper for the IB Past papers and their solutions. A very
good resource for IB Economics

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These are some of the most important tips for writing a strong IB economics
essay. It will be challenging for your examiner to not award you the marks you
deserve if you do your preparation thoroughly and follow the fundamental
guidelines outlined above.

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