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Latest Features of Instagram That Matter Most for Marketing

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This technical world is growing immensely in digital marketing by leaving traditional marketing behind. Not only just for communicating with your loved ones, but social media is also better used for marketing purposes. Instagram is a popular platform for marketing and sales. Here in this article, we will discuss Latest Features of Instagram that matter most for marketing.

You should take care of your Instagram account security and privacy during the marketing process. Some of your competitors might have bad intentions to harm you for your success. So they might spy on your Instagram account and try to hurt you. Be prepared for this.

Why use Instagram for marketing?

According to the report of Hootsuite, 58% of Instagram participants follow businesses and purchase items after seeing them in a story. And 90 percent of Instagram users follow one or more businesses. Millions of companies have recognized the power of Instagram marketing. And they used this powerful tool to establish an emotional connection with customers.

According to the Instagram for a Business report, almost 44% of Instagram users do online shopping using features like shop tag and shopping tags weekly. Thatswhy Instagram is an important marketing tool for all kinds of businesses.

Instagram Features

List of Instagram Features

Instagram marketing is a quick and inexpensive way to reach a target audience. Now let’s discuss the complete list of Instagram features that matter most for marketing.


Like regular photos, you can post videos on Instagram too. But you are allowed to share the video only for up to 60 sec.

Since videos are engaging and attention-grabbing, it’s no surprise it is a popular type of visual content. It is assumed that Instagram videos generate more user engagement than static posts. Users can create reels, behind-the-scenes videos, and instructional posts to make visually convincing content. Use it to create content that expresses your brand’s style.


More than 500 million users utilized Instagram stories regularly. That’s why it is a crucial part of Instagram’s marketing strategy. 

The posted Instagram stories will be available only for 24 hours. But within that time, followers can view their story as much as they want, and if in some time users want to delete that story, they can do so. Marketers can advertise their brand in a shorter period because sometimes quicker is better. They can post unlimited stories with or without editing.

A splendid tactic to increase your followers is offering giveaways and promotions on your story. And if any user or your followers tag you on their post, reshare it on your account to reflect user engagement, and your business will be able to gain trust, among others.


Indicated by the sign of “#,” hashtags connect people to similar content. So, make the correct keyword for your content using hashtags because the user often looks for brands and people through the hashtag. If you use the right hashtag, it takes you to the front of your intended audience even if they haven’t followed you.

Use the hashtags that reflect your brand or the word users search for. You can add up to thirty hashtags on each post and ten on your IG story. Whenever people look for a particular hashtag, it will take them to a tag page containing identical hashtag posts. But don’t use hashtags as an alternative to captions. 

It’s better to use between 5 to 9 hashtags on one post because more than that could look like hashtag stuffing.

Shoppable tags

Shoppable tags permit marketers to tag their brand or product in their photos and stories so that whenever users want to buy a product, they can click on the product page. But for better results, explain the tagged product on the caption and don’t overuse it.

Go Live Features

Unlike IG video, Instagram’s Live function aids marketers in establishing brand clarity and sincerity. You can connect with the followers by hosting a Q&A session, talking to clients, or going live together with an influencer using the “Add a Guest” option. 

Creators can save the live video from replaying it in an Instagram story. And at real-time, followers can comment and react. The person who wants genuine customer feedback on their brand and product live feature gives a chance to ask for that. You can reveal a new product, explain its features sell products directly through your Live session.

Paid Partnership

Paid Partnership feature allows the influencer to disclose their sponsored post quickly. Businesses can take advantage of this as it helps to generate more user impressions. “Paid Partnership with [name of business partner] will appear on the post’s header when you use Paid Partnership Feature.  

Features released in 2021 that matter most for marketing

Since social network updates rapidly, it is challenging to keep updated with them. But to have the best marketing strategy, you need to do that. Let’s discuss newly released Instagram features that matter most for marketing.

Story Links 

The feature ‘Story Links’ was introduced earlier, but it was available only for users with more than 1 thousand followers. But now it is available for everyone. 

You can direct users to your website, product page, or brand page and increase traffic using this feature.

Especially for smaller marketers who have few followers, this story link is a game-changer. Isn’t it amazing?

Partnership Inbox

With this new Partnership Inbox feature, missing essential opportunities due to a busy inbox is gone. “Partnership” is a feature that lies within the direct messaging part of the application, and it helps creators organize and see the sponsored content opportunity. Now brands and creators can easily communicate without any disturbance.

Add Yours Sticker

Add Yours Sticker feature help to increase interactivity among brands and their client. Marketers can use this feature for creating photo contests, giveaways, and so on.

It is a new sticker for the “Instagram Story” where someone can write their thought and share it with their IG story, and another person can respond with their point. By adding this feature to Instagram narratives, creators allow their followers to post photos in their own stories.


Collab features of Instagram enable creators to collaborate on both feeds and reels. It provides a beautiful chance to strengthen the brand, raise brand recognition, and engage with other communities in a better way.

Using this feature, “Collab,” the business creator can send collaboration requests to the Instagram influencer and mutually create reels and feed posts. The collab post will appear on both creator and influencer, sharing exact view count, likes, and comments. 

Find Creators

Find Creators works like a matchmaker. Creators can add brands to the preferred list. And when brands look for creators to collaborate with, the creator who has selected the brand in their inventory will appear on the head of the search bar.  

The brand can choose the creator, focusing on the number of followers that the creator has or things per their interest with whom to collab. The “Find Creators” feature makes it effortless for marketers to look for creators and influencers who have already shown interest.

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Calendar tools

‘Calendar tools’ feature of Instagram is for those who have a business account. The data tracking time from 30 days is now expanded to 60 days. Now marketers no longer need third-party apps to analyze data for a more extended period because users can analyze the data of the last two months.

Latest Features of Instagram are not enough for a successful and good marketing strategy; you need to plan different things. You need to be more creative on overall branding to grab public attention. Set a target goal you want to achieve and put effort into finding success. Also, collaborate with an influencer, but choose the right one which suits your brand. And importantly, have some information on how to hack Instagram passwords because if you know how to do so, you can be more prepared and extra careful about the safety of your account.

Latest Features of Instagram (2022):

  • Instagram feed with no ads and no suggested posts.
  • Instagram video posts are now Reels only.
  • Turn your Story into a Reels
  • Hidden Words for DM
  • Make money with Reels Play
  • Instagram grid pinning.
  • 60-second Instagram Stories (without any cuts)
  • Profile Embed
  • Your comment can appear in anyone’s Reels
  • Instagram Playback
  • Remix post
  • Reels video editing tools for ALL videos
  • Reels and videos tabs combined
  • All videos are now Reels
  • Creator Marketplace
  • Add Notes in Direct Messages
  • Emoji Reaction Sticker
  • Pin a post on top of your feed
  • Longer display name
  • Tag products on your own post

How to get new features on instagram ?

  • Manually update the Instagram app
  • Reboot your smartphone
  • Check if you have the latest Instagram version if not update
  • Log out of your Instagram account and log back in Instagram
  • Reinstall your Instagram app

What are social media statistics?

Here are some basic social media statistics we should know:

  • Approx 4.74 billion people around the world use social media
  • Daily time spent on social media worldwide. 140- 145 minutes
  • Facebook and Instagram dominate the world of social media networks
  • Largest age group: 25-34 (31.1%)

Final Words

Knowing your target audience and posting consistently at the right time matter most for marketing besides Instagram features. And mainly for Instagram marketing, make sure you have created an Instagram business account. If not, then start soon and use the Instagram mentioned above features. On behalf of above details, we can say that Instagram is the most powerful channel for influencer marketing

Continuously evolving by adding advanced features to meet its user demand, Instagram is a great place to grab customers’ attention to your business. In this article, we have covered the Instagram Features that matter most for Marketing; however, don’t forget to try out other features. 

Watch the follower increase rate, URL click-through rate, and engagement rate for better results.


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