List of Flowers That Convey The Message of Sorry!!!

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Are there always good days in life? Are our people always happy with us? Does it ever happen that you didn’t even have to say sorry or  apologize to them? If we say yes, then this will be the wrong statement. All of us end up making mistakes at some moments that make our loved ones unhappy or turn their faces gloomy. At that moment, a single word of sorry is not enough. Instead of apologizing with a sorry word, it is always better to go with the present of flowers

As flowers always hold a special place in our hearts, they will surely help you in making your loved ones cheerful again. You can order flowers online and consider a sorry note tucked into your floral present, making for a suitable apology. Well, the main question that comes to mind while choosing flowers is what flower will be suitable for conveying sorry. Here in this article, we are listed the flowers that are perfect to say sorry.

Here List of Flowers for Sorry Message:


Roses are the flowers that everyone loves to give and receive from their loved ones. They come in various shades having different meanings as per their shade. From all those shades, yellow roses not only signify true and real friendship but also are suitable for sincere apology. You can easily get the bouquet of roses from any reputable website or also from your nearby florist shop with many options such as heart-shaped flowers, basket arrangements, customized roses and more. Once you get the desired roses or rose arrangements,  don’t forget to add the sorry note with the bouquet.

Roses for sorry Message

Blue Hyacinths

The vivid and bright blue hyacinths represent peace and also represent the truth. Giving these beautiful flowers to your loved ones means you are really  feeling bad after making them sad and wanting to make them smile again. These charming flowers make a mesmerizing bouquet that is very impressive that will surely win your loved one’s heart all over again. So, before opting for online flower delivery in Delhi, keep this flower idea in mind and make a smart decision.

Blue Hyacinths Flower for sorry message

White Orchids

Orchids are the one of the most exclusive flowers and can stay long as compared to other flowers.  They represent sincerity with its various shades. Getting the opportune flower to be planted, the blossoms can be durable. The dependable attribute causes your mate to perceive that you are earnestly being sorry. To make it more impressive you can add a sorry greeting card that will surely give your dear one a special touch and let them know how much you care and admire them in your life.

White Tulips

Tulips are one of the most selling flowers that people order during their festive season. These flowers signify  the new start as they bloom in the spring season. However, having numerous varieties in shading individuals regularly pick white tulips when the time has come to say sorry. White tulips are viewed as glad blossoms and white is the image of peace. Aside from the images and definitions, white tulips are, in this way, generally worshiped as extremely exquisite, and exceptionally slick flowers. A bouquet of white tulips with a note can build the opportunity of your being forgiven.

White Tulips for sorry messages

Lily of The Valley

Sensitive and delicate plants ought to be taken care of with responsibility, similar to the relationship that has been worked between you and your near and dear ones. Fighting yourselves can be destructive to your relationship. So don’t suspect something and pick Lily-of-the-valley as a blessing to revive your relationship. If you are looking for flowers and about to send flowers to Bangalore, then these flowers are the best idea that you can go for.

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Lily of the valley

We believe that you will appreciate this article and will go through with the above flower ideas. Life has both happy and sad times when we make our loved ones unhappy or we get upset with them. In that, a caring act of saying sorry with flowers can play a very lovely role. So, go ahead and don’t shy to say sorry with the above mentioned beautiful flowers.


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