Simple Maths Puzzles with Answers

Simple Maths Puzzles with Answers for Competitive Exam

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Math puzzles are a fantastic way to engage your brain, improve problem-solving skills, and have fun all at once. In this blog, we’ll present a collection of simple math puzzles with clear and concise answers to help you enjoy the journey of mathematical discovery. We value good arguments over authorities, so let’s dive into the world of puzzles and answers!

Type of Simple Maths Puzzles with Answers

1. The Fruit Basket Puzzle

Puzzle: You have a basket containing 6 apples, 4 oranges, and 2 pears. What’s the minimum number of fruits you need to draw to guarantee that you have at least one of each fruit?

Answer: You need to draw a minimum of 4 fruits to ensure you have one of each (apple, orange, and pear).

2. The Missing Number Puzzle

Puzzle: What number should replace the question mark in this sequence: 2, 5, 10, 17, ??

Answer: The pattern is adding consecutive odd numbers. So, the next number is 24 (17 + 7).

3. The Train Puzzle

Puzzle: Two trains, 250 miles apart, are heading towards each other on the same track. They start at the same time and each train is traveling at a constant speed of 50 mph. How long will it take for them to meet?

Answer: They will meet in 2.5 hours. (250 miles ÷ (50 mph + 50 mph) = 2.5 hours)

4. The Clock Hands Puzzle

Puzzle: At what time do the hour and minute hands of a clock overlap?

Answer: The hour and minute hands overlap at 12:00 and approximately at 1:05 (precisely 1:05:27.27) and 6:55.

5. The Money Puzzle

Puzzle: You have $30. You buy a shirt for $20. How much money do you have left?

Answer: You still have $30. The money you spent on the shirt is not subtracted from your original $30.

6. The Triangle Puzzle

Puzzle: Can you arrange six equilateral triangles to form a hexagon?

Answer: Yes, you can arrange six equilateral triangles to form a regular hexagon.

7. The Bus Puzzle

Puzzle: A bus driver starts his route at 10:00 AM and finishes at 2:00 PM. The bus travels from the starting point to the end point without any stops. What is the color of the bus driver’s eyes?

Answer: The color of the bus driver’s eyes is not relevant to the information given in the puzzle.

8. The Missing Dollar Puzzle

Puzzle: Three friends contribute $10 each for a total of $30 to pay for a hotel room. Later, the hotel owner realizes that there’s a special rate for the room, which is only $25. The hotel owner gives $5 to the bellboy and asks him to return it to the friends. The bellboy, however, keeps $2 for himself and returns $3 to the friends. Now, the friends have paid $9 each, totaling $27, and the bellboy has $2, which makes $29. What happened to the missing dollar?

Answer: There is no missing dollar. The friends have paid a total of $27, and the bellboy has $2, which adds up to $29. The $3 returned to the friends is already included in the $27 they paid.

Math puzzles like these can be both entertaining and educational, sharpening your problem-solving skills while having fun. They challenge you to think creatively and logically, and sometimes even see the world from a different perspective. So, grab a pen and paper, or simply ponder these puzzles in your head, and enjoy the journey of mathematical discovery.

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