Onam Sadya Items List

Delight Flavors Onam Sadya Items List

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Onam, the radiant festival celebrated with immense enthusiasm in Kerala, is not only a celebration of culture but also a gastronomic extravaganza. The Onam Sadya, a lavish vegetarian feast, is the heart of the festivities. Spread across a banana leaf, this culinary symphony showcases an array of flavors, textures, and traditions. In this Content extensive list of mouthwatering dishes that adorn the Onam Sadya, each contributing to the harmony of this extraordinary meal.

Onam Sadya Items List :

1. Pookkalam: Welcome to the Festive Canvas

The Onam Sadya begins with the creation of a vibrant floral rangoli called “Onam Pookkalam” at the entrance of homes, setting the stage for the joyous feast.

2. Banana Leaf: Nature’s Eco-Friendly Plate

The feast is served on a fresh banana leaf, a biodegradable plate that adds a touch of nature’s elegance to the culinary celebration.

3. Sambaram: The Refreshing Buttermilk Delight

Sambaram, a cooling spiced buttermilk, is the perfect way to kick off the feast, cleansing the palate for the flavors to come.

4. Kalan: The Unforgettable Yam and Plantain Curry

Kalan, a yogurt-based curry made with yam and raw plantains, offers a tangy twist and unique flavors to the feast.

5. Koottukari: The Mixed Vegetable Melange

Koottukari, a mixed vegetable curry with a coconut and yogurt base, brings a symphony of colors and flavors to the banana leaf.

6. Inji Curry: The Zesty Ginger Delight

Inji curry, a spicy and tangy ginger condiment, adds a burst of bold flavor to the Sadya, acting as a palate cleanser.

7. Vendakka Pachadi: The Okra in Yogurt Gravy

Vendakka pachadi, a yogurt-based curry with okra, tantalizes taste buds with its creamy texture and tangy notes.

8. Kichadi: The Cooling Cucumber and Yogurt Mix

Kichadi, a soothing dish made with cucumber and yogurt, provides a refreshing balance to the feast’s rich flavors.

9. Puli Inji: The Tamarind and Ginger Extravaganza

Puli inji, a chutney made with tamarind and ginger, offers a delightful balance of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors.

10. Erissery: The Luxurious Pumpkin and Coconut Medley

Erissery, a sumptuous dish made with pumpkin and lentils in a rich coconut gravy, adds depth and comfort to the Sadya.

11. Thenga Choru: The Fragrant Coconut Rice

Thenga choru, a fragrant coconut-infused rice, forms a comforting base for the myriad of flavors that grace the banana leaf.

12. Parippu Curry: The Essential Lentil Delight

Parippu curry, a simple lentil dish with moong dal and coconut, offers nourishment and comfort in every spoonful.

13. Palada Payasam: The Creamy Rice Pudding

Palada payasam, a luscious rice pudding cooked in milk and jaggery, marks the sweet crescendo of the meal.

14. Ada Pradhaman: The Nutty Dessert Elegance

Ada pradhaman, a delectable dessert made with rice flakes, jaggery, and coconut milk, tantalizes taste buds with its nutty richness.

15. Nei Payasam: The Ghee-Infused Sweetness

Nei payasam, a heavenly combination of rice, jaggery, and ghee, celebrates the essence of indulgence in Kerala cuisine.

16. Ulli Theeyal: The Fiery Shallot Curry

Ulli theeyal, a spicy shallot curry with roasted coconut, brings a depth of flavor and a touch of heat to the feast.

17. Kaaya Varuthathu: The Crispy Banana Chips

Kaaya varuthathu, crispy banana chips, serve as a delightful accompaniment, adding crunch and flavor to the meal.

18. Upperi: The Sweet and Crispy Banana Delight

Upperi, a sweet and jaggery-coated banana fry, offers a sugary contrast to the savory dishes on the banana leaf.

19. Sambar: The Iconic Lentil Stew

Sambar, a tangy lentil stew with an array of vegetables, contributes a comforting balance to the complex flavors of the Sadya.

20. Rasam: The Invigorating Tamarind Soup

Rasam, a tamarind-based soup with spices and tomatoes, awakens the taste buds and provides a zesty kick to the feast.


The Onam Sadya is a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of Kerala’s rich heritage and diverse flavors. Each dish on the banana leaf is a tribute to the festival’s themes of unity, abundance, and celebration. As you indulge in this grand feast, you not only partake in a gastronomic experience but also embrace the culture, history, and warmth that define Onam. So, as you savor the symphony of flavors, remember that the Onam Sadya is more than a meal; it’s a celebration of life itself.


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