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How Come Online Ludo Games are Gaining More Popularity Recently?

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Ludo has been connecting our civilization since time immemorial. We have read about the Ludo game several times in mythical stories, fiction, and many novels. Their sources show that ludo games were popular in ancient times too. However, the game’s success is determined by how old it is and how modernized it is.

In the age of digitalization, everything is available in the palm of your hand while sitting comfortably at home. So online Ludo games have penetrated remote access by using digital technology. For example, with the advent of smartphones and desktops, we can play this game at any geographical location using internet connectivity and electronic gadgets. 

Online Ludo Games More Popular

The examples above are brief descriptions of how online Ludo games are gaining popularity. For more reasons, read this blog post that reveals all things about Ludo’s fame and some related factors. 

What exactly is Ludo Games?

A Ludo game is a kind of strategy board game in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish as per the rolling of a single die. Like other circle and board games, Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi, and it is played in various countries under different names and variations. 

In the recent era, this game has been recognized as an online Ludo game developed by Ludo game development company because people play it using smartphones and desktops with the help of the internet. 

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How did Ludo Games begin?

The Indian epic Mahabharata contains the first description of the Ludo game. It was known as Pachisi when the Pandavas lost everything at stake in front of Kouravas to compete in this game.

The second noted prevalence of the game is in the depiction of the Caves of Ellora. Where sculptures are carved in the wall of Ellora, that justifies that it was common in the sixth century in India and the Asian region. 

In the contemporary age, the Mughal Emperor, Akbar, played Chauper Ludo most of the time. Later, the English ruler modified it and added a die cup to roll out a cubical die. So they called them Uckers. 

Now, this ludo game is played by installing Ludo game software on electronic devices, which is why we know it as an online Ludo game.

Which statistics do say about Online Ludo Games popularity story?

Statista reported on the online gaming market, which justifies how popular online ludo games are. 

Because of the popularity of Ludo games, the compounding revenue of online games now stands at $21 billion in 2021, which is 21.9% more than in 2020. From this data, $2 billion in revenue has come from online ludo games. The data shows that gaming enthusiasts are now shifting towards online gaming instead of physical gaming, and they do not prefer to go to casinos, bars, malls, or any gaming centers to play the game. The same is true for the online Ludo game, which gamers enjoy playing at their leisure at home.

Another tally of numerology about online gaming is that the total number of gaming users is now 932 million worldwide. Out of this data, 50 million people are playing online Ludo games. 

These are the causes why every entrepreneur is investing their money in Ludo game development. 

Top 12 Reasons for Why Ludo Games Gaining Fame Recently

Ludo game application development is not enough for all entrepreneurs, and besides, they should know how to hire a Ludo game developer like Mobzway Technologies. And they are aware of the online Ludo game gaining popularity to make the most of it. 

Here is the list of reasons why Ludo game software or online Ludo games earn a reputation worldwide. 

1. Enhanced Realistics Gaming Experience

In traditional times, there was no influential gaming like today. At that time, people went to play the Ludo game outside and gathered players to play it. 

However, there are lots of functional and practical amenities available in the modern world. For example, you don’t play the game because everything you need is right in front of you while you’re sitting at home. It is possible due to a skilled Ludo game development company. While playing the game, you can experience sound, engaging graphics, 3D pictures, and characters, which add more value to the gaming experience. 

2. Indefinite Playing Options

If you see the modern version of online Ludo games, they have multiple options. This feature gives you the freedom to choose which options you want to play. Some of the playing options are challenging mode, computer mode, team or group mode, mission mode, and many more.

Different modes have varying degrees of enjoyment when you play. As you know, numerous people are living in our world. And they have different natures and composers. According to it, they have several thoughts. So, due to this, they play whatever they love by just downloading and installing Ludo game software on their devices and then setting the mode that they like. 

3. Real-Time Competition

Several developers are working to increase user experience by giving a competition stage that functions in real-time. They recall this while working on the Ludo game software development.

As a result, either you can challenge your competitors or make the team challenge a particular group on a real-time basis. Because the Ludo game is available online, you can compete with players in your own country and from other countries. This provides you with an opportunity to meet significant gamers outside your boundaries, and they teach you a variety of gaming tips.

4. Covid-19 Pandemic

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, most things are working in online mode. Thus, gaming investors are putting their money into making online Ludo game development. 

Owing to the pandemic lockdown, people are working at home and have most of their free time. To utilize this time, they are playing online Ludo games, which increases the number of online Ludo gamers across the world.

5. Comfortable

After the advent of Ludo game software development, any gamer does not need to go outside to play an online Ludo game and play it at ease at home. This convenience has grown even more since introducing low-cost smartphones and 4G and 5G internet.

Because of this, they can feel a realistic experience while playing the game without visiting any casinos, gyms, bars, or malls. Apart from that, it is preferred by most gamers because they do not need to spend any money to play it.

6. Easy to Afford

Various game operators offer online games without paying a penny either in the application or on the website. This is a major attraction for several gamers towards online games to play, and this means that you do not spend any money to play an online Ludo game.

You will need a smartphone and a desktop to install the Ludo game software, and these devices are available in the hands of everyone nowadays. Furthermore, you can earn more money by utilizing your gaming skills, which aids in the Ludo game’s popularity. 

7. Cross-Device Functionality

Most Ludo gamers play it on their smartphones, so it is essential to cover all the population. Most developers, like Mobzway Technologies, are now focusing on the running of the Ludo game on a variety of devices. That is why they designed 

it is just like the game, which supports every mobile and desktop screen. 

The smooth operation of online Ludo games on many electronic devices helps to expand their reach in developed countries and developing countries.

8. Remote Accessibility

Ludo game developers have developed Ludo game application as it supports every electronic gadget, including tablets, smartphones, wearables, and desktops. You may know very well that smartphones and the internet have reached worldwide. Thus, every individual can access the game using electronic devices, which is why it has become popular quickly. 

9. Variety of Challengers

You should hire Ludo game developers by reminding them how many optional playing modes they will provide. There are two modes: the first is computer mode, and the second is competitor mode. This helps in gaining popularity for your Ludo game.

When players want to play alone, they enjoy the computer mode, and when they want to compete in team mode, they play in competitor mode.

10. Widen Social Connection

Developers should keep social media options in mind while ludo game development. Since this feature aids in chatting with their competitors while playing, it makes broader social connections for them within their countries and outside countries. 

With the help of their social connections, gamers can promote online Ludo games by using the share and referral options. 

11. Source of Gathering Financial Resources

It is unnecessary to spend money to have fun while playing Ludo games. You can play it for free and earn money by winning numerous tournaments and series.

If you put money into challenging your competitors, you can grab more monetary rewards. This helps in boosting your income. This is possible due to the way the developers have designed it, using the methodology of Play with Earn. That is why this game has become popular.

12. Boosting Memory Power

Online Ludo games are known as games of skill, and it means that they require mental and physical skill sets to win. You utilize your cognitive ability to plan strategies to win whenever you play them. 

During Ludo game application development, game providers like Mobzway Technologies design it to have challenging or puzzling stages and missions that need a large amount of memory power. So it improves your memory power when you play these games.

Final Thoughts

The scenario of online Ludo games is gradually transforming with the arrival of the latest innovations and features. Nowadays, gaming enthusiasts do not spend any money playing them; they download and install Ludo game software on their smartphones and play them for life, free of charge. The inclusion of virtual reality also increases the gaming experience. Now you feel realistic in virtual gaming. Challenging or puzzling missions help in boosting your memory. 

Anyone who plays these games can earn money by winning monetary tournaments. So, we can say that you can make passive income by playing Ludo games. If you do not know how to play, there are tons of available tips, which you can find on the internet. Finally, in online Ludo games, we conclude that you are playing to have fun and earn money, learn skills, compete against worldwide challengers, and make vast social connections.


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