Padahastasana Yoga

How to do Padahastasana Yoga?

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India is a great country, many great human beings have taken birth in it, such as Aryabhatta, Rishi Valmiki, Vedavyasa, Parashuram, Karan, Chanakya, Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, Rishi Vashistha, Vishwamitra, etc. All these virtuous souls believed in yoga practice and they have done many strange and other works.

Many great people have said that time and routine are very important behind a successful person. If seen, the person who is successful, he uses his whole day properly, out of which practicing yoga is important in his life. It remains unknown to a successful man that time is very important in his success, so he spends his time doing yoga.

Padahastasana yoga is an asana whose name is derived from the combination of two words pada and hasta. In this, the word pad means “feet” and the word hasta means “hand”, which are two parts of the human body. This asana has to be done by a person standing, due to which very few people are able to do this asana. This asana is much more difficult than all the other asanas. In Padahastasana yoga, we have to stand up and lean forward, in which we have to touch the feet with both our hands.

Padahastasana Yoga

There are many benefits of this asana, due to which the mind and body of a person remain fit and healthy. By doing this asana, the human body remains strong, due to which a person becomes strong. Most of the people doing this easy work are found in numbers, people who are already-fit, those people are able to do this asana well. This yoga is also mentioned in our Vedas and Puranas, in the olden days, people used to do this asana in abundance.

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What is Padahasta?

Padahastasana(Hands to Feet Pose) is a Sanskrit word, which means a posture in which we touch our feet. This asana always has to be done. Talking about the benefits, there are many benefits of this asana. Padahastasana not only does good to your body but also gives you a new life. One very important thing to know is that while doing this asana, your head should be below your heart, which makes this asana very difficult. Due to which the flow of blood is directed towards our head instead of in the legs, which is a good thing.

Due to which our mental stability improves. By doing this asana, a good amount of oxygen and blood starts reaching our brain and our body becomes more agile than before. This asana comes in the style of hatha yoga and is the most difficult in today’s day.

People have been doing this asana for a long time, they do this asana very well, but those who are new will have some problem in doing this asana. Talking about time, it is necessary to do this asana for 15 to 30 seconds because a person cannot stay longer than this.

Doing this asana does not require repetition, which is a good thing for a human being. By the practice of this asana, our hips get stretched, after which our body gets strength. In this posture, we touch the knee of the foot with both our hands, in which our head is towards the earth. As you know this asana is done standing up and has to hold the feet with your hands, hence the regime is called Padahastasana.

The Correct Method of doing this Asana Padahastasana –

First of all, you stand straight, and while taking a long breath, bending your hands back towards the waist, hold both your hands on the toes of both feet. While breathing we have to keep our bodies straight. After this, you have to exhale and pull the stomach inwards. In this position, your head should be on your knees, which is the way to do a correct posture.

When you feel the urge to inhale, stand up, take one deep breath in and exhale while going down and let out all your breath. But when you stay in the posture, do Brahma Kumbhaka and while rising up, inhale your breath. Look, we have to draw our breath while standing. In this way, this asana has to be repeated again and again.

One important thing is that, while doing this asana, all the three exercises are laxative, Brahma Kumbhaka, and purkar. One special thing to know is that while doing the asana, we have to straighten our legs and make sure that the knees are not bent. If your knees are bent then this is not the right way to do this asana. This asana can also be done by changing your legs. In which the first type is proved by touching the left foot with the right hand and holding the thumb of the right foot with the left hand.

Benefits of Padahastasana –

  • By doing Padahastasana, the most strain falls on the back, due to which it makes the spine flexible.
  • This stretches the legs, waist, shoulders, and hands, which helps in keeping the blood circulation normal.
  • It helps in reducing belly fat and obesity.
  • Helps to cure digestive problems like gas, constipation, and indigestion.
  • It is beneficial in the physical growth of children.
  • By doing this asana, one gets relief from anxiety and stress.
  • By doing this asana, there is shine on the hair and face.
  • Helps to cure menstrual problems.

Precautions of Padahastasana –

  • Some precautions are necessary before doing this asana.
  • People who have any kind of heart-related problem should not do this asana.
  • If there is any serious disease in the stomach then all this should not be done.
  •  Do not do this asana if there is a problem with a hernia.
  • If there is a problem of severe pain in the back or spine, do not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women should not do this asana.
  • People who have had stomach operations or surgery, do it or not.

Conclusion –

Hope that complete information about the method and benefits of doing Padahastasana has been received. The science of padahastasana is considered a very good posture. Practicing the asana daily makes the legs and bones very strong. By doing this asana, a new type of strength comes in your legs, due to which you are able to lift the excessive weight.

We should come to do this asana from our childhood. So that we do not have to face any problems in our old age. Children, old and young people of any age can do this asana. This asana is considered a little advanced from other asanas because in this regime we have to bring our head tillt the knee, whereas a normal person cannot do it. But it is not so easy, if we do this asana properly, then everything is possible.

By doing this asana, our internal muscles are also healthy and our mind also feels refreshed. By doing this asana, we get the energy of utmost power, which helps us to work throughout our day and due to which man is more prone to diseases like depression, mental stress, physical stress, and society’s difficulties. Prepared and moves forward fearlessly. By doing yoga, we keep our anger and anger under control, which is the real identity of a successful person.

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