How To Have a Porch With a Modern Vintage Look?

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If you are fond of hosting various celebrations without traveling or visiting other places, a porch is a requirement for your home. It will be a place where you can gather your whole family and friends to enjoy and celebrate your milestones. Aside from that, you can use it to enjoy humid evenings while drinking cocktails with your newfound friends.

Porch With a Modern Vintage

A porch is an extension of your house usually located in front of the main front entrance that provides additional space. Aside from hosting celebrations, it can be an area where you can hang your garments and store your shoes. If it is made out of durable materials, it can protect you from intruders and help attain energy efficiency.

Now that you know the benefits of having a porch, you might be thinking of adding one to your house or refurbishing your existing porch. If you want to have a porch with a modern vintage look, then make sure to follow the ways listed below.

1.   Create a casual and playful area

When you design your patio in such a way that is casual and playful, you can have an area that can melt your stress away. Besides that, you and your guest will immediately feel comfortable and relaxed. You can add functional luxury furniture and home decorations with a lot of texture and patterns. If you have large furniture pieces, you can make a statement by displaying small antique home decorations like side tables and funky lighting. In this way, your porch can serve as a living room and a hang-out spot with a cozier ambiance.

2.   Add lighting and Rustic Texture

lighting and rustic texture

To make it more connected with nature, display home decorations made from rustic materials. One of the most recommended home decorations is the ottoman because aside from adding handmade flair in the place, it is also highly functional as it can double as an additional seating area. In terms of lighting, you may prefer not too bright ones to achieve a chilled-out mood. You might want to hang some twinkling lighting fixtures on the trees to make the place look more aesthetic. Make sure to add ambient lighting to the walkway to avoid encountering accidents.

3.   Place a vintage bar cart

Bar carts are home decorations with utmost versatility so it is a great idea to add one to your patio. It can make your outdoor dinner parties more enjoyable especially if your friends love cocktails and other drinks. Additionally, it can make the place look more organized and tidy since you can use it to store tools and other essential items. Besides that, it can be used to hold plates of food and drinks whenever you eat on your patio. Make sure to purchase vintage-designed bar carts which you can buy in secondary markets for a more affordable price tag. Don’t settle with those made from glass materials because they can’t withstand extreme weather conditions. They will just end up becoming broken or damaged because of their sensitive and fragile nature. Make sure that the design of your vintage bar cart complements the style of your home decorations.

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4.   Add cozy home decorations and accents

Some of the coziest home decorations that you can add to your patio are outdoor rugs and art work. You have a lot of options to choose from for outdoor rugs because it comes with a variety of colors, designs, and aesthetics. If you want to achieve a patio with a modern and vintage design, then go for blue-striped outdoor rugs. To add a touch of coziness and comfortability, you might want to consider purchasing outdoor pillows. They can provide lumbar support while making the place aesthetically pleasing. You may add a textured cushion on your rocking chair if you have one or on your outdoor sofa. These kinds of home decorations are easier to bring inside whenever unfavorable weather conditions happen to save them from wear and tear.

In a Nutshell

The list above is some of the easiest and most affordable patio upgrades that you can do to make it look vintage and modern. If you design it the right way, you and your guests will be happy spending your free time outside of your house!

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