Private Bank PO Salary

What is the Private Bank PO Salary?

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A career as a Probationary Officer (PO) in a private bank is not just about donning a sharp suit and managing finances. It’s also about the lucrative salary packages that come with the job. Private banks, known for their competitive spirit, offer generous remuneration and perks to attract top talent. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into private bank PO salary structures, revealing the often-enviable compensation packages that await those who embark on this financial journey.

The Foundation: Basic Salary

Your private bank PO salary begins with the basic pay. The basic pay varies from bank to bank, but it typically falls in the range of ₹23,700 to ₹42,020. The exact amount depends on factors like the bank’s reputation, location, and your level of experience. This forms the bedrock of your salary and is subject to periodic revisions as per industry norms and government regulations.

Allowances: The Sweeteners

Private banks sweeten the deal with a range of allowances. These include:

  • Special Allowance: This is a fixed amount given to POs above their basic salary to meet their special requirements. Some examples of special allowances include transport allowance, children’s education allowance, and conveyance allowance.
  • Medical Allowance: POs are usually entitled to complete reimbursement of their medical treatment, as well as partial reimbursement of the medical bills of their immediate family members and dependents.
  • Leave Fare Concession (LFC): POs are eligible to take paid leave for traveling after a fixed time. After their travel, they can get a partial travel amount reimbursed.
  • Furniture Allowance: This is a one-time allowance given to POs to help them set up their homes.
  • Meal Allowance: This is a daily allowance given to POs to cover their meal expenses.
  • Performance Pay: POs are eligible for performance pay based on their individual performance and the performance of the bank.

Salary structure of a private bank PO:

  • Basic salary: ₹11,000
  • House rent allowance (HRA): 50% of basic salary
  • Conveyance allowance (CA): ₹2,500
  • Superannuation allowance: ₹1,650
  • Leave travel allowance (LTA): ₹2,000
  • Additional HRA allowance: 3125
  • Canteen allowance: ₹1,300
  • Medical allowance: ₹1,250
  • PF and gratuity: ₹2,236
  • Performance pay: ₹45,000

Some Private Bank PO Salary Example


Private BankPrivate Bank PO Salary
ICICI Bank₹4.2 lakhs per annum Approx
HDFC Bank₹4.5 lakhs per annum Approx
Axis Bank₹4.8 lakhs per annum Approx
Kotak Mahindra Bank₹5 lakhs per annum Approx
Citibank₹6 lakhs per annum Approx

Note: Salary May vary bank to bank or time to time.

Other Perks and Benefits

Apart from the financial aspects, private banks also offer a slew of non-monetary benefits. These can include:

  1. Provident Fund (PF) and Gratuity: Your bank will typically contribute to your PF account and provide gratuity benefits, further securing your financial future.
  2. Loans and Advances: Private banks often provide their employees with low-interest loans and advances for various purposes, such as housing, vehicles, or personal needs.
  3. Insurance: Medical insurance, including coverage for family members, is a common perk.
  4. Leave and Travel Concession (LTC): You may be eligible for paid leave and travel concessions to explore new destinations.
  5. Retirement Benefits: With private banks, you can look forward to a comfortable retirement, thanks to their pension plans.


A career as a Probationary Officer in a private bank is not only about prestige and responsibility but also about an attractive salary package. The compensation includes a substantial basic pay, a range of allowances, performance-based bonuses, and a host of other benefits. These packages can vary from bank to bank, but they often make private bank PO jobs highly desirable in the financial sector.

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