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Best Resorts in Hyderabad for New Year Celebration

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Embrace the charm of a castle-themed retreat at the Hidden Castle Resort, just an hour’s drive from Hyderabad. Nestled in 30 acres of untamed terrain, this resort offers a unique blend of tranquility and adventure. The wide entrance, adorned with old gray English pillars, sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind stay.

Accommodation options are thoughtfully designed for comfort, and all packages include delightful meals and a range of activities like Adventure Circuit, Aqua Circuit, Karaoke, and Trekking. For nature and adventure enthusiasts, Hidden Castle Resort promises an unforgettable experience.

List of Best Resorts in Hyderabad for New Year Celebration

Celebrity Resort, Hyderabad: Countryside Bliss and Luxury

Spread over 210 acres of serene landscape, Celebrity Resort in Hyderabad provides an authentic countryside feel. Immerse yourself in lush greenery and the ambiance reminiscent of the Mughal era. The resort offers two types of accommodations designed for your comfort.

Indulge in outdoor swimming, relish multi-cuisine dining at Fiesta, and savor pure vegetarian delights at Orange Bowl. With activities like indoor-outdoor games, DJ dance, and Banquet Halls, Celebrity Resort is an ideal weekend getaway for those seeking luxury and tranquility.

Leonia Holistic Destination Resort, Hyderabad: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Leonia Holistic Destination Resort is a green oasis with rock formations. Luxurious hospitality and a variety of fun activities define this unique resort. The rooms boast satellite TV and other lavish amenities.

Explore the full-service Medi Spa and Salon, dine at Leo Splash cafe, Sun n Moon, Leo Bistro, and Shahi Handi, and unwind at lounges like Moments and Afterglow – Premium Distill Bar. Leonia Resort ensures a memorable stay with a perfect blend of luxury and entertainment.

Brown Town Resort, Hyderabad: A Heritage Retreat Amidst Nature

Escape the hustle and bustle at Brown Town Resort, located in Moinabad. This eco-resort is a sensory delight, offering a retreat from city life. The rooms feature craftsmanship from Thanjavur, and the resort’s architecture reflects South Indian heritage.

Indulge in a diverse range of delicacies, from Continental to South Indian and Chinese. The spa at Brown Town Resort provides a rejuvenating experience, making it an ideal weekend destination for relaxation and cultural exploration.

ITC Kakatiya Resort, Hyderabad: Kakatiya Dynasty’s Architectural Gem

Featuring the distinctive architecture of the Kakatiya dynasty, ITC Kakatiya Resort overlooks Hyderabad’s landscapes and the Hussain Sagar Lake. With 188 luxurious rooms, ancient architecture, and four dining areas, the resort offers a panoramic view of the lake, garden, and pool.

Delight in the culinary offerings at Kebabs & Curries, Dakshin, Deccan Pavilion, and Marco Polo. The Kaya Kalp Spa provides Ayurvedic therapies, ensuring a perfect blend of relaxation and luxury.

Hyatt Place Hyderabad Banjara Hills: Southern India Charm and Luxury

Immerse yourself in the southern Indian charm at Hyatt Place Hyderabad. This luxurious hotel, located in Banjara Hills, offers a serene atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery. Spacious and comfortable rooms provide a view of the lush green lawns.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool and partake in DJ, live music, and dance nights at the rooftop. Hyatt Place Hyderabad is an ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious retreat with old-world charm.

Papyrus Port Resort, Hyderabad: A Glimpse of Egypt in Hyderabad

Step into the world of ancient Egypt at Papyrus Port Resort, an Egyptian-themed retreat in Hyderabad. Inspired by the pyramids and sphinxes, this resort offers a plethora of activities, including a restaurant, lawns, comfortable rooms, and indoor & outdoor games.

Celebrate the New Year amidst the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, enjoying state-of-the-art recreational facilities. Papyrus Port Resort ensures a fun-filled and memorable stay for you and your family.

In conclusion, Hyderabad offers a diverse range of resorts for a New Year celebration, each with its unique charm and offerings. Whether you seek the tranquility of nature, the luxury of heritage, or the excitement of themed resorts, Hyderabad has the perfect retreat for you.

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