SatyaPrem Ki Katha

Satyaprem ki Katha: A Modern Love Story with a Timeless Message

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Director of Satyaprem ki Katha

  • Sameer Vidwans

Writer of Satyaprem ki Katha

  • Karan Shrikant Sharma

Stars of Satyaprem ki Katha

  • Kiara Advani
  • Kartik Aaryan
  • Gajraj Rao

Budget of Satyaprem ki Katha Movies

Approx 60-70 Crore

Satyaprem Ki Katha IMBD

If we talk about satyaprem ki katha imbd rating this is 7.4

Satyaprem Ki Katha IMBD

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If we talk about Actress Kiara Advani, name in this actress in movie is Katha and name of actress Kartik Aryan is Satyaprem, Name of Gajraj Rao is Narayan(Kartik aryan father role in this movie), Name of Shikha Talsania is Sejal, Name of Supriya Pathak in this movie is Diwali, Name of Anuradha Patel is Rasna(Kiara adavani mother role in this movies), Name of Siddharth Randeria is Harikishen.

I saw this movie , great movies from my opinion.

Satyaprem ki katha Stars Name in Movies


Real Name in LifeName Satyaprem ki Katha Movie
Kiara AdvaniKatha
Kartik AaryanSatyaprem
Gajraj RaoNarayan
Supriya PathakDiwali
Anuradha PatelRasna
Siddharth RanderiaHarikishen
Satyaprem ki katha Stars Name in Movies

This movie Satyaprem ki Katha is a modern love story. This story tells two young people, Satyaprem and Katha, who fall in love despite their different backgrounds. Satyaprem is a from small background, while Katha is a belong rich family compare to Satyaprem’s Family.

Here most amazing seen of Satyaprem ki Katha

Satyaprem ki Katha

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Satya prem katha another sean

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Satya prem katha another song seen

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Satyaprem ki Katha movie explores the challenges of love in a 21st Centuary. Satyaprem and Katha, both married each other after starting 20 minute movies.

Some story twist not describe here, because if all things describes here you can’t go to see movies.

Satyaprem ki Katha movie is beautifully shot and features some stunning performances from the cast. The music of this movie is also best, and it perfectly complements the story.

Here are some additional thoughts on the movie:

  • The movie does a great job of portraying the different challenges that Satyaprem and Katha face as a couple. Both are from different backgrounds, and their families do not approve of their relationship. Both also have to deal with the pressures of their own careers and ambitions. However, their love, is strong enough to overcome all of these obstacles.
  • The movie also explores the theme of self-discovery. Satyaprem and Katha both learn a lot about themselves during the course of their relationship.

Overall, Satyaprem ki Katha is a beautiful and heartwarming movie that will stay with you long after you have seen it. This is a reminder that love is the most powerful force in the world, and that it can conquer all.

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