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List of Social Audio Platforms 

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What is Social Audio Platforms ?

Social audio platforms is a type of social media channels that use audio as their primary channel of communication. We can post podcasts, tools for recording, editing audio in addition to virtual audio rooms and audio message text message is Little bit.

List of Social Audio Platforms 


  • Short snippets up to 42 seconds, like Twitter
  • Every post on the platform can be accompanied by one cover image.
  • It’s users can posts a text-based comment .
  • It is available for both Android and iOS.


  • Popularity of podcasting
  • Shrunk it down to three minutes or less
  • Available on Android and iOS devices
  • No Cost to use.


  • Clubhouse app total 2 million to 10 million downloads.
  • Clubhouse mainly for on iOS
  • Recently It launched an Android app.
  • This app as one part TED talk and another early 90s chatroom.


  • Main focus to provide a voice-to-text communication tool.
  • For gamers who couldn’t pause their game to converse.
  • This Platform have140 million active subscribers Approx.,


  • No maximum length for audio files
  • Flexible
  • Text content is limited to a short title
  • Audlist is available for both Android and iOS
  • Features likemultiple images, direct messaging, voice modifiers, autoplay, and audio stories


  • Target audience was musicians and podcasters to share audio content .
  • Features is to combine audio files with animations and captions to create engaging videos.
  • Share the content on all major platforms.


  • Extra Features is to create discussions or shows and invite audience members to participate.
  • creators can get paid for their shows through donation methods .

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

  • Live Audio Rooms
  • Discover, join live conversations and listen

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