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30 Top Assamese Daily Newspapers: Stay Informed with the Latest News

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Assamese daily newspapers play a pivotal role in keeping the people of Assam well-informed about local, national, and international news. This blog highlights the 30 top Assamese daily newspapers that provide accurate and timely news updates to readers across the region.

List of 30 Top Assamese Daily Newspapers:

Dainik Agradoot

A widely circulated Assamese daily newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, from politics to culture.

Asomiya Pratidin

Known for its comprehensive coverage of news, entertainment, and special features.

Assam Tribune

One of the oldest English-language newspapers in the region, providing insightful news reporting.

Niyomiya Barta

A popular newspaper focusing on news, features, and opinions relevant to Assam.

Dainik Janambhumi

Offers a blend of local, national, and international news along with editorial content.

Dainik Asam

A well-established newspaper that covers a diverse range of topics, including politics, business, and lifestyle.

Amar Asom

Known for its unbiased news reporting and engaging content.

Gana Adhikar

Provides a platform for in-depth analysis and discussions on current affairs.

Samayik Prasanga

Offers comprehensive news coverage along with special features on current issues.


A newspaper that focuses on news, views, and opinions from different sectors.

Axomiya Khabar

A trusted source for news and information, catering to a wide readership.

Ajir Asom

Covers a spectrum of topics and is widely read across the state.


Known for its balanced reporting and insightful articles.

Pratidin Time

Offers news and updates on politics, business, sports, and more.

Niyomiya Barta (English)

The English version of Niyomiya Barta, providing news to a wider audience.

Dainik Gana Adhikar

A newspaper that focuses on providing accurate and timely news updates.

Dainik Prantojyoti

Provides news coverage along with features and analysis.

Dainik Purvoday

A daily newspaper that covers local news, politics, and more.

Agradoot (English)

The English version of Agradoot, catering to English-speaking readers.

Sadou Asom

Offers a mix of news and informative articles on various subjects.

Niyomiya Barta (Assamese)

The Assamese version of Niyomiya Barta, offering news and updates to a broader audience.

Aji (Assamese)

Known for its credible reporting and diverse coverage of news and events.

Dainik Jugasankha

A popular newspaper focusing on news, opinions, and analysis.


Offers a mix of news, features, and editorials on various subjects.


Provides insightful news coverage along with thought-provoking articles.

The Hills Times

Focused on news and updates from the northeastern region of India.

Dainik Nababarta Prasanga

Known for its accurate reporting and coverage of a wide range of topics.

Dainik Sambad

Offers news, features, and opinions on current affairs.

Dainik Purbanchal

Provides comprehensive news coverage and features from the region.

Dainandin Batori

Offers news and updates on politics, culture, and more.


Staying informed about current events and issues is crucial, and Assamese daily newspapers play a vital role in providing accurate and timely information to the people of Assam. Just like how these top 20 Assamese daily newspapers serve as trusted sources for news updates, Malayalam newspapers also fulfill a similar role in Kerala and Bengali newspaper in West Bengal. The top 20 Assamese daily newspapers listed above are trusted sources that keep readers updated with the latest news and developments, much like their Malayalam counterparts in Kerala.

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