Top Knives For Your Survival Kit

Top 6 Must-have Knives For Your Survival Kit

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When compiling your survival kit, you need knives — that’s hard to debate. As a
multipurpose tool, listing what you can’t do with a knife will be faster than considering its
many uses. From first aid to preparing food, there is rarely a time in the outdoors when a
knife won’t be beneficial to you, if not absolutely essential.

Without a knife, a survival kit is just a kit. You need the perfect knife to elevate your survival
kit into something that will keep you genuinely safe no matter the situation. When equipped
with one, nothing can stop you from thriving outdoors, no matter the challenge.

However, the reality is that not all knives are created equal. You need the perfect knife, one
with the durability and the quality you deserve. Because when you get your hands on that
perfect knife, the flaws in every other knife you have ever used will become as clear as day.
Thankfully, this article has you covered with all the suggestions you may need.
To help you thrive with the perfect knife, here’s a dynamic list of six must-have knives for
every possible circumstance.


When you consider subscribing to a monthly knife box, the Frontiersman Survival Knife is
one you should seriously consider. With multiple features and a blade capable of almost
anything, this isn’t just a knife; it’s one of the best knives.
When you carry it in your survival kit, you are automatically upgrading your kit and your
safety. So, when it comes time to open your survival box, you will know that yours is
equipped with just what you need.


If you want to spend a little less but still want a knife that comes with the highest possible
quality, then the Firebird is a knife worth considering. With a stainless steel blade, this
foldable knife will be a welcome addition to any survival kit and one that sets you up to


This Fox Edge Olea knife is yet another excellent quality product. Aesthetically pleasing and
with such a quality finish, you will be proud to have this knife firmly placed in your survival kit.
With a 3.15” blade, this knife sets you up superbly to excel in whatever situation you meet on
your survival quest. Consider adding this knife to your kit, and you will thank us later
because when quality meets a great appearance, that’s when you know you have a top-of-
class product.


When it comes to quality, you’re not going to be looking past the Fox Edge Anunnaki Folder
knife. It is slick in design and feels great in your hand. This huge knife folds nicely and will
allow you to hit the trail, knowing that there is nobody out there with a better knife than you.


With this product, you’ll be sure to have one of the best knives on the market. However, as a
must-have knife, the Elijah Plethiros stands out as a knife that even a non-knife lover would
love to receive. This is the highest possible quality knife, and when you place it in your
survival kit, you instantly elevate the kit to being one of the best available.


As far as knives go, this final option is a knife that any survivalist would be proud to own and
even prouder to use. When you add it to your survival kit, you are, once again, setting
yourself up to thrive in any survivalist situation you may encounter.
This piece of equipment has a shorter 1.75” blade, so it performs the job differently but with
no less effect. Lightweight and easy to carry, its compact size allows for it to be easily
transported and used nimbly whenever required. With a stainless steel blade, this knife holds
its shape well and will be a part of your survival kit for years and years to come.


There is no doubt that knives are a critical part of survival kits. As such a multi-faceted piece
of equipment, the fact that you can use one in a multitude of capacities means that these
tools are one that no survivalist can do without. So, when compiling a survival kit, remember
that if you have the basics, there is no wrong way to go about it.
However, the best way to maximize safety is with a high-quality knife. Consider your options
from these six, and remember that these knives are all top quality, so you can’t go wrong if
you choose to follow this guide. So, pick away and stay safe out there, knowing that you
have the best-equipped survival kit there is.

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