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Twitter Testing New Voice DMs Feature in India

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Twitter announced it is testing voice messages in direct messages up to 140-seconds time duration in India.

The feature is testing in India, Brazil, and Japan. This is in testing mode currently not a feature ready for mass rollout.

These new type of voice tweets, the voice DMs is designed as an in-line recording feature.

Announcing the new voice DM feature, If you are using twitter on Android, You can record voice by tapping on icon to start your recording and again tap to stop your recording.  For Android twitter users you can also listen to the voice message before sending it to other person through direct message.

Process to record a voice Tweet

Click Tweet compose icon 
Click voice icon 
Click the red record button to start recording your message, then click Done after finished your message.


You have option to add Tweet text or start with multiple Tweets. You can record up to 140 seconds for each voice Tweet.

After this click to send Tweet.

Audio Player Embeds Immediately without facing any issue.

When we tweet our recorded link, This converts into a player so your friend can play audio. This shows the length of recording also with a waveform, and gives twitter user the ability to respond with an audio tweet.

You can make a recording and share it publicly on the Twitter feed. You can also send your audio tweet directly to individual people with their handles like you would any other tweet.

We can share our voice in  discussions, or send nice messages to our followers.

  • Free and online.
  • Use Chrome Extension for fast access.
  • Record voice for ios and android.
  • This Twitter player auto-plays and for recordings under 8-seconds, loops.

We can share our voice notes, our singing song.

Send publicly with other handles

We can send our audio tweets anywhere and to anyone.

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