What is the name of the 21-gun salute fired during the republic day parade

What is the name of the 21-gun salute fired during the republic day parade?

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As we celebrate the grandeur of Republic Day, one of the captivating rituals that capture our attention is the 21-gun salute. Have you ever wondered about the name associated with this majestic salute during the Republic Day parade? Let’s delve into the history, significance, and the specific name attributed to this awe-inspiring tradition.

The Significance of the 21-Gun Salute

The 21-gun salute holds profound significance in military traditions globally, symbolizing respect and honor.

Historical Roots: Evolution of the 21-Gun Salute

Tracing the roots of the 21-gun salute reveals a rich history dating back to naval traditions.

Republic Day Parade: A Showcase of Military Prowess

Republic Day Parade in India serves as a platform to display the country’s military might, and the 21-gun salute is a highlight.

Name of the 21-Gun Salute: Revealing the Identity

Unveiling the specific name associated with the 21-gun salute during Republic Day celebrations.

Understanding the Gun Salute System

Exploring the broader system of gun salutes and their different configurations.

The Artillery Regiment: Guardians of Tradition

The role of the artillery regiment in maintaining and executing the tradition of the 21-gun salute.

Evolution of Saluting Cannons: A Journey Through Time

A historical journey through the evolution of cannons used for salutes, showcasing technological advancements.

21-Gun Salute in Global Context: Diplomatic Etiquette

Examining how the 21-gun salute plays a role in diplomatic ceremonies worldwide.

Republic Day Celebrations: More Than a Spectacle

Beyond the pomp and grandeur, Republic Day celebrations reflect the unity and diversity of India.

Symbolism Behind 21 Shots: Decoding the Tradition

Understanding the symbolism embedded in the firing of exactly 21 shots during the salute.

Role of the President: Initiating the Salute

Insight into the ceremonial role of the President in initiating the 21-gun salute during Republic Day.

Precision and Coordination: Artillery’s Showcase

Highlighting the precision and coordination required in executing the flawless 21-gun salute.

Popular Names in History: 21-Gun Salutes Worldwide

Exploring famous instances of 21-gun salutes globally and their historical significance.

Ceremonial Splendor: Impact of the 21-Gun Salute

Reflecting on the ceremonial splendor and emotional impact of witnessing the 21-gun salute.


Q1: What is the origin of the 21-gun salute tradition?

The tradition has naval origins, where warships would discharge their cannons to show that they were disarmed.

Q2: Why specifically 21 shots in the salute?

The number 21 has historical and symbolic significance, representing a sign of respect and honor.

Q3: Are there variations in the number of shots for different occasions?

Yes, the number of shots can vary depending on the occasion and the rank of the dignitary being honored.

Q4: How is the artillery regiment chosen for the Republic Day parade?

The artillery regiment is selected based on its historical significance and expertise in executing ceremonial duties.

Q5: Is the 21-gun salute fired only in India during Republic Day?

No, the tradition is observed in various countries during significant national events and ceremonies.

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