Which date is known as Gandhi Jayanti

Which date is known as Gandhi Jayanti ?

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Which date is known as Gandhi Jayanti ?

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2 every year to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanti, observed annually on October 2nd, commemorates the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, a towering figure in India’s struggle for independence. It holds immense national and international significance as a day to remember and celebrate his life and teachings. Gandhi’s principles of non-violence, truth, and civil disobedience continue to inspire people worldwide, making this day more than just a holiday; it’s an occasion for reflection and a call to uphold his values in the pursuit of peace and justice.

Date of Gandhi Jayanti This Year ?

2 October 2023 Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti Kab Hai ?

Mon, 2 Oct, 2023

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