GA4 Glossary

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Glossary

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a web analytics platform provided by Google that offers valuable insights into user behavior and website performance. It provides a comprehensive set of metrics, dimensions, and reports to help businesses understand how users interact with their websites or applications.

To navigate and understand the terminology used in Google Analytics 4, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the GA4 Glossary. This glossary consists of key terms and definitions specific to GA4, which enable users to effectively interpret and analyze their data.

By gaining a clear understanding of the GA4 Glossary, businesses and marketers can make informed decisions, optimize their online presence, and enhance the user experience.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Glossary

[GA4] A/B test
[GA4] Account
[GA4] Admin page
[GA4] App stability overview
[GA4] Audience
[GA4] Cardinality
[GA4] Channel
[GA4] Channel grouping
[GA4] Cohort
[GA4] Collection
[GA4] Consent checks
[GA4] Consent settings
[GA4] Consent state
[GA4] Consent type
[GA4] Conversion event
[GA4] Data filters
[GA4] Data quality
[GA4] Data stream
[GA4] Detail report
[GA4] Device ID
[GA4] Dimension
[GA4] Engagement
[GA4] Event
[GA4] Event parameters
[GA4] Experiment
[GA4] Explorations
[GA4] Free-form exploration
[GA4] Funnel exploration
[GA4] Google Analytics 4 property
[GA4] gtag.js
[GA4] In-app purchase
[GA4] Intelligence
[GA4] Latest app release overview
[GA4] Measurement ID
[GA4] Measurement Protocol
[GA4] Metric
[GA4] Multivariate test
[GA4] Organization
[GA4] Overview report
[GA4] Permission
[GA4] Primary dimension
[GA4] Property
[GA4] Property selector
[GA4] Recommended event
[GA4] Report
[GA4] Report library
[GA4] Reports snapshot
[GA4] Secondary dimension
[GA4] Segment
[GA4] Segment overlap
[GA4] Session
[GA4] Setup Assistant
[GA4] Snippet
[GA4] Stream ID
[GA4] Tag
[GA4] The Google tag
[GA4] Topic
[GA4] User
[GA4] User activity by cohort
[GA4] User activity over time
[GA4] User exploration
[GA4] User properties
[GA4] User stickiness
[GA4] User-ID
[GA4] Variant
Destination ID: Definition
Destination: Definition
Google tag ID: Definition
Universal Analytics property

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