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7 Unique Label Types and When to Use Them

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In the ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace quality and original labels for your products are essential to your company. Not only do attractive labels help to advertise your product and convey important information to customers as well, but they’re vital to bolster your unique brand’s identity. Labels for consumer products are available in various “types,” each with distinct characteristics. In this article, we’ll discuss how to distinguish between these types of labels to know which is the best choice for your business’s products.

label types

Labels with specialized die cuts

Making a special die-cut label can be the best and most commonly used method of creating the most adaptable packing for the container you are using. The labels can be cut according to the exact specifications you require regardless of the size of the container and ensure that they are perfectly sized for you.

Labels with tape

Containers or bottles with tapered labels are different in that they’re not perfectly circular. Standard labels won’t lie flat when attached to the container, which is where the tapered label can be useful. Tapered labels can be created perfectly by calculating the level of tapering the container. The use of this kind of label ensures that it doesn’t fold or slide in your container that is tapered.

Printed on both sides

Containers made of transparent material might be benefited from double-sided labelling. They give you double the space for marketing your products, and they can also provide a distinctive and unique look to your unique-shaped container. While crucial information, such as nutrition content and FDA warnings should be displayed clearly on the label’s front The second side of the label can be used to create some interest or a hint of an attractive background or catchy slogan you may not have space for on your main side.

Materials of Special Interest

Alongside the kind that you choose for your label, it’s important to be considering the materials you’ll be using for the label. For example, if you’re needing labels for a unique shape bottle or tube that needs to be squeezed often, MDO film is a flexible, moldable and malleable material that is much less rigid than paper stock. For items such as lotions or shampoos that you squeeze into the bottle and squeeze it, the MDO does not crease or wrinkle. MDO is only one of the hundreds of special substances that can be selected to satisfy your container’s needs and function.

Customized Packaging Labels

No matter what kind of packaging or containers you are using It’s crucial to work with a digital printing firm that can create quality labels to fulfil your requirements.

Blue Label is a digital printing business that will work together with you to create customized labels to match your specific packaging. Our advanced HP Indigo digital printing presses let us find the most effective solution to provide you with labels that do not just draw attention but also match the specifications that your products require.

If you require assistance in designing your label Check out the Designer Directory to identify the ideal supplier to help you design your label.

Labels to fold out

Fold-out labels are labels that fold out to offer additional information. Like dry peel labels, Fold-out labels are commonly employed to make instant coupon redemption or to create more copies. What differentiates them from dry peel-based labels is the fact that they are made out of a single piece of paper which is then folded, and stackable. By using an accordion design, the labels fold out to make a new copy. A fold-out label could be removed completely from the container, however, instead of placing a different label on top, and fold label is applied in addition to the label that is used in the container.

Labels for dry peel

Dry peel labels can be a kind of label that is removed and removed from the packaging or container for the product. The adhesive is used to temporarily keep the label in place however, it is not strong enough to be able to easily take the label off. Dry peel labels are typically utilized to offer coupons that can be instantly redeemable at the point of purchase or to offer second copies. For example “Peel Here to receive $9 off any purchase you make” and “Peel here to get the directions.” Another distinctive feature of dried peel labels is the fact that a different label can be put on top of the one, which means that even when they are removed, there’s some content left in the container.

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