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All About Pushkar Mela 2023 Schedule

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Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Rajasthan, the Pushkar Mela, also known as the Pushkar Camel Fair, unfolds its mesmerizing charm annually, drawing travelers from across the globe. The 2023 edition of this enchanting spectacle, held from November 20th to November 28th, transformed the tranquil town of Pushkar into a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and traditions.

Pushkar Mela 2023 Schedule Highlights


Day 1Harmony MarathonSymbolic run from Dargah Shareef to Brahma Temple
Day 2Camel Trading and Cultural PerformancesPushkar Cattle Fair kick-off, showcasing livestock and culture
Day 3Camel Races and Mustache CompetitionExhilarating camel races, ‘Longest Mustache’ competition
Day 4Matrimonial Mela and Folk Music ExtravaganzaUnique spouse-seeking event, soulful Rajasthani folk music
Day 5Cattle Fair ConcludesFarewell to the vibrant Cattle Fair
Day 6Cultural Fair CommencesShowcase of Rajasthan’s diverse cultural tapestry
Day 7Cultural Performances and Evening AartiCaptivating Kalbelia dance, rhythmic beats, serene Aarti
Day 8Cultural Fair FinaleGrand fireworks display, marking the end of official festivities
Day 9Maha Aarti and Fair ConcludesGrand Maha Aarti ceremony at Pushkar Lake, concluding the Mela

Pushkar Mela 2023 Schedule

Day 1: A Harmonious Prelude: Harmony Marathon Marks the Beginning

The festival kicked off with the Harmony Marathon, a symbolic run from Dargah Shareef in Ajmer to the Brahma Temple in Pushkar. This event not only set the physical tone but also resonated with the festival’s spirit of unity and cultural harmony.

Day 2: Camel Trading Extravaganza and Cultural Delights

The second day witnessed the commencement of the Pushkar Cattle Fair, a vibrant display of livestock trade. Traders from across India converged on Pushkar, showcasing their finest camels, horses, and cows. The day was not just about trade; it also featured a delightful array of cultural performances, including folk music, dance, and acrobatic feats.

Day 3: Camel Races and the Quirky Mustache Competition

Excitement reached its peak on Day 3 with exhilarating camel races. Colorfully adorned camels galloped across sandy tracks, captivating spectators. The day also featured the much-anticipated ‘Longest Mustache’ competition, a quirky celebration of Rajasthani men’s unique style.

Day 4: Matrimonial Mela and Folk Music Extravaganza

Day 4 unfolded with the ‘Matrimonial Mela,’ a unique event where families sought prospective spouses for their eligible daughters. The day resonated with the soulful melodies of Rajasthani folk music, captivating the audience with rhythmic beats and captivating lyrics.

Day 5: Farewell to the Cattle Fair

The Cattle Fair concluded on Day 5, leaving behind memories and vibrant images. Traders bid farewell to their customers, carrying with them the satisfaction of successful transactions.

Day 6: Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry

The Pushkar Cultural Fair commenced on Day 6, showcasing the diverse cultural tapestry of Rajasthan. Artisans displayed exquisite handicrafts, while traditional folk dancers mesmerized the audience with their graceful movements.

Day 7: Cultural Performances and Serene Evening Aarti

Day 7 continued the cultural extravaganza with captivating performances of Kalbelia dance and the rhythmic beats of the Manganiyar musicians. The evening concluded with a serene ‘Aarti’ ceremony at the Pushkar Lake, illuminating the tranquil waters with a warm glow.

Day 8: Grand Finale with Fireworks

The Cultural Fair reached its grand finale on Day 8, featuring a mesmerizing display of fireworks that painted the night sky with vibrant hues. While the official festivities ended, the spirit of Pushkar Mela lingered in the hearts of all who had witnessed its magic.

Day 9: Maha Aarti and Farewell to Pushkar Mela 2023

The final day dedicated itself to devotion and spirituality. A grand Maha Aarti ceremony took place at the Pushkar Lake, offering prayers and blessings to the sacred waters. As the sun set on the ninth day, the Pushkar Mela concluded, leaving behind a treasure trove of memories and a deeper appreciation for Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage.

Experience the richness of Pushkar Mela 2023 – where tradition meets vibrancy, and every day tells a unique tale of Rajasthan’s cultural opulence.

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