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How to Choose a Solar Hot Water System That Won’t Freeze?

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There are ample advantages of non-renewable energies. Solar energy is most widely used provides help in various sectors. It has a wide range of usage, right from modern-day agricultural techniques to various IoT devices. One such usage is seen in hot water systems. A solar heater uses sunlight to heat water.  It easily replaces electric geysers. If you are willing to have a solar water heater let’s find out some of the ways to choose the correct one:

Size of the solar heater

The size of the hot water systems depends upon the usage. One should consider the number of people in the house and their water consumption by them. Even the height at which it is also installed matters. If it is a one storey house and 100 litres is sufficient for two to three people. But it is a 3 house, and the heater is on the rooftop, you will need 200 litres for the same number of people. There is a decent amount of water wastage as it has to travel a height to reach. The size of the heater matters a lot to ensure that it won’t freeze in extreme cold. It is advisable to get the largest size of heaters to ensure that the heating process never stops and thus there is no question of the water freezing.

Types of solar heaters

One should obviously go through the types of hot water systems available. In order to have an optimum usage of the product, every aspect of it should be known. One is an Evacuated tube collector, and the other is a flat plate collector. In the first one, the outer layer is coated with absorbing material, which absorbs the heat and converts it to water, making it hot. On the other hand, the flat plate collectors absorb radiation to transfer the heat  to water.

Choosing a system

After gathering proper information, one important thing is to choose an efficient system. There are various online sources through which we can gather information.  A packed system is any day more helpful than an open-end one. The packaging saves the external damages done to it by climate changes and calamities. Synchronization of all the components in the system plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the system. Try to buy a system which has features like anti-freeze present. This is can helpful in preventing the heater to freeze.

Choosing an installer

The main task is to install the hot water systems the right way. One should go to an installer who is certified and carries adequate knowledge. In the water freeze or doesn’t provide proper service, all steps should be carried. All of these doubts should be asked to the installer. He/she should be capable of explaining to you the whole system’s advantages and limitations.

Maintenance and usage

Always go for a company that provides a proper user manual with dos and don’ts. Select a product that requires less maintenance as this will reduce the cost and save your energy and efforts to sustain the product.


A good solar heater sustains for 15 -20 years without any disturbance. Unless there is no external issue such as a natural calamity or any system related problem.

The Bottom Line

Thus, hot water systems are more in use these days as it is a one-time investment. Yes, the cost is much higher than the regular electric heaters, but the latter ensures you cost-free services for 15-20 years. Hence abiding by these facts, you will find your correct product and get the best of benefits.


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