Tricks to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems for Bank PO

Tricks to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems for Bank PO Exam

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Seating arrangement problems are a common fixture in Bank PO exams, testing your logical and analytical skills. Master these tricks to tackle them with ease and accuracy.

Tricks to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems for Bank PO Exam

1. Understand the Problem Statement

  • Read the problem carefully and understand the given information.
  • Identify the number of persons, their positions, and any additional conditions.

2. Create Diagrams

  • Draw a clear diagram to represent the seating arrangement.
  • Use symbols or letters to represent individuals.

3. Fix Directions

  • Decide the direction, whether it’s left or right.
  • Make this choice consistently throughout the problem.

4. Consider Multiple Scenarios

  • In complex arrangements, consider multiple possible scenarios.
  • Eliminate scenarios as you gather more information.

5. Use Clues Strategically

  • Utilize the given clues to deduce relationships between individuals.
  • Keep a list of what you know to avoid repetition.

6. Focus on Constraints

  • Pay attention to any specific constraints or conditions mentioned in the problem.
  • These can help you eliminate possibilities and narrow down options.

7. Explore Complementary Information

  • Some information may complement each other.
  • For instance, if A sits to the left of B, and B is third from the left, A must be in the first or second seat from the left.

8. Think About All Possible Orders

  • Consider all possible orders of arrangements, especially when no specific directions are given.
  • Test different scenarios to identify the correct one.

9. Use Visual Aids

  • Draw tables, arrows, or grids to represent the arrangement.
  • Visual aids can simplify complex problems.

10. Be Systematic

  • Approach the problem in a systematic manner.
  • Follow a logical sequence to arrive at the correct solution.

11. Practice Regularly

  • The more you practice seating arrangement problems, the better you become at solving them.
  • Use practice tests and previous exam papers to hone your skills.


Seating arrangement problems may seem daunting, but with the right strategies, they become manageable puzzles to solve. By understanding the problem, creating diagrams, considering scenarios, using clues strategically, and practicing regularly, you can tackle these questions efficiently in your Bank PO exam. Good luck, and may your seating arrangement problems become a breeze to solve!

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