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Christmas Message for Students in English

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Christmas Message for Students in English:

  1. ***I wish you a happy Holiday with loved ones and lots of presents, let us be thankful this Christmas for the blessings we’ve received this year. Season’s Greetings.
  2. ***I hope this season brings you joy and cheer to you and your family and friends this year! Happy Holidays dear Students!
  3. ***I hope this Christmas brings love, joy, and lots of luck for the coming new year! Sending my best wishes this Christmas for you and your family!
  4. ***This is a time to spend with friends, family members, and others who bring joy to our lives. Merry Christmas!
  5. ***When Santa comes to your home this year,
  6. ***I hope he brings you joy and cheer!
  7. ***Joy to the world, Christmas is here! Happy Holidays from me to you! May your home be filled with all the joys of the season.
  8. ***Twinkle twinkle my little stars,
  9. ***Merry Christmas near and far.
  10. ***Wishing you the happiest of holidays this season! Christmas is a time for peace, a time for joy, and a time for presents!

Christmas message for teachers from students

1. *** If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a fantastic teacher, it’s that just like when it comes to Santa, being on the nice list is the best way to go. Happy merry Christmas!

2. *** Happy merry Christmas, to the world’s best teacher. Being a student of yours is an honor. Thank you for working so hard to teach me all year.

3. *** Teaching can’t always be fun but learning from you is. I hope you have the amazing, relaxing, and restful Christmas that you deserve. Happy merry christmas!

4. *** Christmas Eve is the one night I dream about presents instead of dreaming about being late to class. I hope your Christmas is as good as mine. Happy merry Christmas day!

5. *** The weather is awful for driving. If it gets too bad, ask Santa to let you take the buses with us. We’d love to have you along for the ride with us. Have a Happy merry Christmas!

6. *** Please don’t tell Santa about my grades. Have a Happy merry Christmas day and a relaxing winter break!

7. *** Through pop-quizzes, snow-days, testing, and parent-teacher conferences, we can all really use this winter break. Have a Happy merry Christmas day. You’re the best!

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