Laravel vs Spring

Laravel vs Spring: Which Framework to Choose

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Coping up in today’s competitive world can be pretty daunting and overwhelming. Earlier, there were no options, so things weren’t easy. And you see even now when you have so many options around, picking up the right one makes it extremely difficult and stressful. The following post focuses on picking the right backend technology to conduct a successful web development project.

At present, web applications are popping up extravagantly. And there has been observed a huge demand for web applications and web frameworks among which we have Laravel and Spring on board today. Yes, they are one of the most prominent backend technologies. However, making the choice between the two is one of a kind task. I am sure you will come across several posts like this one that states You will come across numerous web development frameworks such as PHP, Laravel, Spring, Angular, Vue, Express, Django, jQuery, Yii, and so on. Out of these, Laravel and spring framework are the two most power-packed frameworks in demand these days. As a result, CTO’s are often found in an unnecessary dilemma of what’s better? Read away to get a better perspective!

Now before digging into comparison, let us overview both the web development frameworks differently.

All you need to Know About Laravel Framework

One of the leading technologies used to conduct almost any and every web application development is laravel. It is an open-source PHP framework that can be used for free. Taylor Oatwell, the creator ensured that by using this framework featuring a unique MVC pattern, web development projects will be conducted on the next level. Now what makes Laravel a cut above?

The web app development framework comprises expressive and elegant syntax resulting in a quick development process, easy to use and worth considering for web developers irrespective of their experience. Also, did we mention that all the pain points of handling complex PHP code have vanished?

Well, the PHP-based framework consists of incredible APIs to reduce the time to market as well as streamline on a 3-page pamphlet site. Now you see, doing this is no child’s play one does require to have good amount of skills and tactics.In addition, the entire PHP community can be seen chanting the name day in day out! Certain facts to take into account regarding Laravel:

  • Mainly used to conduct Web App Development
  • It features Object-oriented libraries
  • MVC structural patterns shouldn’t be ignored
  • 75000+ websites have been built using the framework
  • Great in regards to security and robustness
  • Countries trending towards Laravel include US, Russia and Brazil

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Now many of you have this confusion that Laravel should be used for the frontend or for the backend development. Well, I say backend. You see this is a PHP-based framework that is a bit more focused on the server-side. Though it doesn’t mean it won’t support in frontend development. Several full-stack web applications have been developed using Laravel.

Down below I would like to mention certain notable pros of the Laravel Framework.

Why is it the most promising one?

#1 Blade Template Engine              

This is one of the best features offered by Laravel in comparison to other web development frameworks. Blade Template Engine is quite power-packed in comparison to its PHP peers. By using this feature, there is no scope of overhead in the web app development. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel never restricts its developers from using the plain PHP code. Some other astounding features include template inheritance and displaying data.

#2 Best in Performance and Security

There is no denying the fact that Laravel steals the show when it comes to high-end performance and security. It may quite interest you to know that adding too many features and functionalities can surely result in creating an adverse impact on the site performance. However, that’s not the case when it comes to Laravel. Here the framework ensures to boost overall productivity of the web developer. Try integrating Memcached and Redis and see the magic by yourself.

Just being the best in performance is certainly not enough. One must ensure receiving the best of both worlds. And here with performance, you are bound to get the best security. With so many cyber attacks taking place day in day out. Laravel does not allow any malware activities or security threats. So yes, performance, safety and security is right here.

#3 MVC Architecture

As I mentioned earlier, Laravel is an MVC-based PHP framework meaning it is possible to separate presentation layers and business logic. Model stands for M, View stands for V, Controller stands for C respectively. Model ensures logic and data handling whereas view takes care of the UI and controller processes everything.

Not to mention MVC architecture does affect the performance of your web application.

Of course, this is not it, there are several other benefits such as object oriented libraries, database migration, active and powerful community, developer-friendly code, quick and simple, best for handling traffic, simple and quick third-party integrations, support and maintenance and so forth.

All you need to know About Spring Framework

Spring is an open-source lightweight framework mainly used to develop modern Java-based enterprise applications. As the name “spring” implies, it comprises a set of modules such as Spring Boot and Spring Cloud mainly known as the Spring Family. Some of the most intimidating technologies offered by the framework include:

  • Aspect-oriented programming (AOP)
  • Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Plain Old Java Object (PoJo)

Now what exactly developers can perform using the Spring Framework? Right from creating a java method that successfully runs in a database transaction to creating a message handler or defining a remote procedure or conducting a management operation without seeking assistance from JMX APIs.

If you are looking for a lightweight framework that assists developers to create scalable, secure and robust business-based web applications then look no further than Spring framework. Further below I would like to mention certain benefits offered by this backend technology.

  • It is a lightweight framework
  • Web developers can easily create enterprise applications using PoJos.
  • Right from servlets, jsps, jdbc, jndi, rmi, jms and Java mail, the options are endless
  • Featuring a well designed web MVC framework, it acts as a pure bliss
  • Say no to creating  singleton and factory classes
  • Objects are created Lazily , Singleton – configuration
  • Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Simplifies JDBC
  • Connection pooling, Transaction management are available here
  • The open source framework is no app server dependent
  • Declarative transaction, caching, validation and formatting is well-taken care of here. 

Spot The Difference – Spring vs Laravel Framework

Spring vs Laravel

Final Verdict

So this is all! On and all, both Laravel and Spring turn out to be excellent frameworks when considering backend development. The answer to which one is the best totally depends on your needs and requirements. No matter which option you go with, both of them feature PHP and Java as their core languages making things easy and less-complicated for the web developers worldwide.

Consider Laravel if,

  • You are planning to develop interactive website layouts
  • You aim to develop an advanced app without any stress of additional costs
  • When you are looking for an excellent document framework
  • When you want to develop an app at a fanatic pace featuring object-oriented libraries
  • Creating SEO-friendly web app

Consider Spring, if,

  • The app is solely based on Java
  • You want a hell lot of components in the app
  • Your team is willing to choose a framework with steep learning curve
  • Reduce time-to-market

And we are done here! In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.


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