New in Twitter ! Top 20 Twitter Tips

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If we talk about social media platform s then Twitter is in top 3 position. either you are a school going or any professional or any company or business owner you all can use Twitter for your own purpose.twitter post

What is Twitter Used For?

For students: Tweets homework or assignment, Hashtag related to education, join community related to education, search resources link related to your study.  Unique hashtag use for your group.
Professional: You can use your skills on display, touch with new persons  Take Twitter to next level
Brand Value: Increase your brand value with strong Twitter profile. Increase followers, post business related content , boost brand profile.

How to use Twitter?

First create twitter account after this you can post tweets relevant to your brand or your passion.

How does Twitter Work?

In simple words we can say twitter is micro blogging platform which allow to post in terms of tweets with limited 280 character use complete character when write a tweet.

Some Basic Term Use in Twitter:

1. Following: -you can simply follow any person.
Three way to follow

  • Follow with a tweets
  • Follow with profile
  • Follow with code

2. Tweets:

Some question related to tweets?

What is a tweet?

How to tweet on twitter?

How do you tweet? Answer!

You can tweets photos, video, gif, text, links etc. you can see some tweets example.

tweets example
3. Reply: You can reply from other person tweets.

reply tweets
4. Retweets: You can retweets other person tweets. You can also retweets as a quote.  If you need any time undo your retweets

retweets tweet
5. Direct message: you can send direct message either follow or not follow.
Thread: you can also create thread in your own tweets.

message direct in twitter

Here are Twitter Tips and Tricks:

1. Tweets Time:

If you wish to see more views on tweets always tweets early in morning or post in perk hours . you can schedule your tweets.

Best Tweets time

2. Avoid Annoying your Followers:

Avoid to tweets every minute it can irritate your followers.

3. Trending Topics:

Always focus on trending topics when you post a tweet.

Twitter trending posts

4. Use Twitter 280 Characters Limit:

Always try to use 280 character and cover hash tag and more about topic . It help to boost your tweets.

5. Use Twitter Community:

Connect your audience after joining related twitter community.

6. Image , Gif Template:

Always use creative Image, Gif , Quote during post a tweets.

7. Avoid copy to other:

Never copy other person tweets or other brands always focus your own creative ideas to post a tweet.

8. Retweets with Comment:

It is more beneficial to retweets with comment compare to retweets without comment . It helps to more value compare to other tweets .

9. Modify Post Title Compare to Original Title:

For good twitter posts not always copy to your original title optimize your original blog , article or product title.

10 . Real Followers Matter:

This is not matter how many followers in your account. Matter type of followers who like  your  tweets, retweets your tweets, comment on your tweets.

11. Complete Your Profile

Complete all these things in your twitter Handler like profile photo,  bio, eye catching header image,  location, Hash tag related to your bio.

12. Tweets with HashTag

Tweet with limited Hash Tag not too much hash(#) tag,

13. Use Video in Twitter Post

Use video in place of images because of video get more engagement compare to images.

14. Create Twitter Polls

Create polls to get more engagement by followers and new users

15. Twitter Ads

Use twitter ads to boost your tweets and get engagement according to need.

16. Retweet other Tweets

it helps to get followers and extra engagement on your tweets in terms of like, comment…

17. Use Tweets in other place

Use your tweets in your Facebook, Linkedin and all other social media channels. Embed tweet code in your blog..

18. Research # Tag

Use of # in twitter ?

Research on # Tag with some extra tools

Best tools to research Twitter Hash Tag

  • Twitter Toolbar
  • Topsy
  • Twitter Reach
  • Social Mention
  • ExportTweet
  • Rite Tag
  • Keyhole
  • TrendsMap
  • SocialAlert

19. Use your Twitter ID in Other Tweets

Post Twitter ID like @sourabhkmr64, @allupost in other place it help to easily find your twitter # Tag

20. Tweet with All Media and Good Twitter Quotes

Use all medias in Tweets like video , post,  gif, Infographics and good twitter quotes .

After following these tips you have no question about how to use twitter effectively? All things about twitter for beginners or any learner.

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