10 Exercises to Make Your Forearms Bigger and Stronger

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Forearms make up a large part of the arm. They’re engaged in numerous daily activities, including holding a steering wheel in their hand, lifting weights, or even opening doors.

Furthermore, having strong forearms can enhance your performance when doing other exercises, like pull-ups and chin-ups.

But getting bigger forearms can be challenging at times. However, a few exercises can help you achieve this.

Ten exercises to can help you make your forearm stronger and bigger

Palms-up Wrist Curl

This is a variant of the traditional wrist curl that is designed to strengthen the muscles on the forearm’s top.

How to Do It

Place yourself on a bench and put a barbell into your hands, with your palms facing upwards.

Place your forearms on your knees and then lower the bar to the floor as much as you can.

Move your wrist up to pause, then slowly lower your wrist.

Curls of wrists that are palm down

This is an excellent exercise to build the muscles that are located on the upper part of the forearm. In addition to building muscle strength, you’ll benefit from a fantastic forearm workout.

How to Do It

You can sit on a bench, with your feet separated by a shoulder and the barbell on your lap.

Place the barbell in your hands in your palms, with hands spread shoulder-width apart.

By inhaling, you can only use your wrists to lower the barbell.

Inhaling, only use your wrists for lifting the barbell.

Repeat the sequence.

Farmer’s Carry

Farmer’s carry is among the kettlebell’s most basic exercises to help in increasing strength and endurance. The practice involves taking a kettlebell with each hand and walking along with them for a specific distance. It is a dynamic exercise that builds your grip, entire body, and core.

How to Do It

Start by standing straight, putting your weights placed on either side and back of the body. Your shoulders should be above your feet.

Squat, keeping your hands on the sides while bringing your chest forward and your shoulders back. Grab the weights tight.

Straighten up, put your eyes to the side and start taking small steps. Be sure not to slow down while you’re moving ahead.

Do the walk, put your equipment on the ground, take a break, and follow up.


Towel Pull-Up is a physical exercise that improves strength and overall health. It requires a large bath towel and an overhead ceiling to perform the routine. It might seem difficult initially, but when you’ve done it, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to begin. This is the way to reach your goals, even for those who believe they cannot pull up.

How to Do It

A towel can be hung above the pull-up bars.

Take one of them from each.

Inhale deeply and lift yourself up.

Inhale and lower your body to a point where your arms extend fully.

Trap Bar Carry

The Trap Bar Carrier is an excellent exercise for the back muscles. It targets every muscle of your upper back. Trap Bar Carries are grip-intensive and more so than a kettlebell farmer’s carry. This is because of the weight that you can place on the trap bar.


The muscles used during a plate pinch depend on the grip used. For example, if you utilize an open (overhand) grip, your wrist and forearm extensors are engaged. If you choose to use a grip that is supinated (underhand) grip, the forearm and wrist flexors will be involved. Whatever the case, your upper and shoulders are also involved in the movements.

Reverse Cable Curl

Reverse cable curls are a fantastic exercise to strengthen the back of your arms. It is primarily focused on the biceps but also targets other muscles, such as the forearms, elbows, and shoulders. The exercise also targets the core as an exercise for the entire body.

Hold the hold until you reach the bottom.

The exercise targets the shoulder muscles and the upper back, including the rotator cuff, deltoids, and trapezius. It also targets those muscles in the legs as well as the core, such as the glutes, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles.

How to Do It

Grab the kettlebell with one hand, and swing it with the other.

Engage your hips and then use the force to push the kettlebell up and over.

Use your momentum to get back up and clean the kettlebell on your shoulder so that the bottom of the kettlebell is facing upwards.

Return the kettlebell back to its original position by lowering it. So, one repetition is complete.

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Pull-up Hang Bar

The pull-up bar can be an exercise that is full of body, particularly for those who have been performing pull-ups for a while. Starting this exercise can be challenging. However, as you begin practicing it regularly, you will notice changes in strength and size. It will help you build a more significant, thicker, more robust back and increases the power of the arms.

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Hammer Curl

This exercise involves many muscles and involves the muscles with more fibers. Biceps muscles are extremely active when you do hammer curls. However, your forearms must also contract to keep the dumbbells while you move them.

These are the ten exercises. One needs to do a few of them, but we suggest you use a hand grip strengthener along with these.

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