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Jewellery Trends In 2023

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It’s easy to get caught up with fashion trends and swapping out your wardrobe for the new season’s clothes. Trends are part of culture now and they come and go like nothing else. You could be in your favorite clothing store on the high street and you just know something is missing, well that’s because it is! It’s amazing how jewelry can improve an outfit. No matter if you are wearing a simple jumper and trousers or something more dressy, jewelry can completely transform an outfit into something else. Jewellery is very personal and everyone has their own preference. Whether it’s bold statement pieces or minimalistic designs, there is jewellery for every personality. 


Just because something is trending, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be around forever, so only look for items that resonate with you, otherwise, you could risk spending money on something that you don’t like next season. In this article, we will go through some of the jewellery trends in 2023 that will be here for a while.

The cuffs are back!

Silver and Gold are back and rose gold has pretty much been out for a while now. This comes in a range of forms but this year, it’s coming in the form of cuffs. If you are not one to add too much to your outfit, a simple and subtle statement cuff is a great option. Cuff bracelets are a great way to elevate your outfit in its simplest form. The main benefit of having a cuff is that most of them are adjustable so you will be able to wear them in a range of ways. Whether you want it on your wrist, high u on your arm or even around your neck if the size allows. They come in a range of styles and shapes, so look for one that you resonate with. 

Silver hoops

Silver hoops are taking the rein for the material this year. With more people opting for platinum engagement rings and silver jewellery pieces, it only makes sense that more people are opting for more silver statement earrings. These statement pieces are going to be incorporated into lux outfits and even streetwear outfits. In 2022, it was all about the ‘90s, naughties and the resurgence of big and bold pieces, but in ‘23, times have taken a step back to the 80s. If you are one to wear jewellery most days, aim to tone them back for an everyday look and then bulk them out when wanting to make a statement. 

Beads are still here in ‘23

If you love to layer jewellery, then you will be glad to hear that thin, beaded necklaces are still here in 2023. They are the perfect accompaniment for stacking and adding texture to any outfit, especially in a monochrome or neutral colour palleted outfit. If you prefer something a little more statement, then a singular strand with multiple colours is also a great addition. They are much more lux than they once were with gold chains, silver beads and much more to create a classy, yet Y2 K themed outfit. 

Boho is never out

Boho has been around for many years, and if you are an alternative dresser this will definitely be part of your wardrobe. Not everyone prefers minimalism or even single material pieces, this is why Boho will never be out of style. Dangly boho earrings have been a statement choice for many. Whether it’s feathered earrings, fringed or long dangly earrings that go to the collarbone, if done well they look beautiful with a range of outfits. 

Big Bold Bangles 

Bangles are back and they are making a bold statement. Coming in a range of materials such as perspex, gold and silver they are really making an appearance in most catwalks. Bangles are like a cuff, but more fun and less sophisticated. As we said, the 80s are back and most inspiration for the year will be from the 80s. If you are on a night out, this is going to be an essential piece to add to your collection, especially when you’re wearing a colourful outfit. If you don’t already have any in your collection, then you should start creating a stack for your wrist. Fluorescent colouring, animal prints and clear are all going to be making big appearances in 2023. 

Edgy Maximalist Pearls

Let’s move the stigma that goes with pearls away from the old women and into a newly reformed 2023 lux style. They are coming in a range of styles and forms from gold structures abeautiful statement earrings. The new form of pearls are less perfectly shaped with hues of cream, green, black and grey. This is down to production methods being much more sustainable than they once were which means that each pearl can be traced and tells a story. With more top designers and fashion houses such as Givenchy and Carolina Harrera incorporating large pearls into their runway show, there is certainly going to be anew era for pearls in 2023.  

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery will always be in style for a number of reasons. First, with the sustainable movement. This has resulted in many shopping and environmentally conscious moving towards vintage and antique jewellery. The other reason is you are getting much more bang for your buck!  Whether its a beautiful Edwardian ring or a diamond ruby ring, unique and one off is always the best way to go when building your jewellery collection as you know nobody will have the same piece and its also personal to you. 

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As we said earlier, trends come and go, but it is essential to understand that it is all down to personal preference when it comes to fashion. The real fashion-focused will make their own decisions when it comes to the trending items that will go in their own wardrobe, but following some of these trends instead of all of them will create your own personal style. 

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