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YouTube Deduct Tax from Content Creators Outside the US Starting June 2021

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According to latest YouTube News They will deduct tax from content creators who is outside of United States. Earnings they generate from YouTube viewers on video platform. Latest norm will roll in with updated policy going to start june 2021. The Google-owned company,  YouTube has sent letters(mail) to creators, asking them to submit their tax information soon. Latest rule will be apply for all YouTubers around the world, including those from India. However, the Youtubers living in America will not be a part of this new norm.

Submitting Your Tax Information to Google:

All monetizing YouTubers, regardless of their location in the world, are must to send tax info. You can submit you tax info as soon as possible.  If your tax info isn’t provided till May 31, 2021, YouTube Deduct Tax from your earning up to 24% . 

Follow step by step instructions to submit your U.S. tax info to Google. Remember that that you may be asked to re-submit tax info every three years.

  • Login to your AdSense account.
  • Go with Payments.
  • Then Manage settings.
  • Scroll to “Payments profile” and Go edit next to “United States tax information”.
  • Process to Manage tax information.

You’ll find a guide that will help you to choose the appropriate form for your tax status.

Where Need U.S. Tax requirements apply

Every Youtubers, regardless of their location all across the world, is required to submit U.S. tax info to Google. The tax withholding can be differ with an Individual or a Business. 

Youtubers outside of the U.S:  If you submit U.S. tax info
Rates are between 0-30% on earnings you generate from viewers in the U.S.

U.S. Youtubers: Google will not withhold taxes on earnings if you have provided valid tax info.

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YouTube Deduct Tax, Your tax rate will depend on what type of account and which country you belongs: 

Business Type Account: The default rate will be 30% of U.S. earnings if the Youtubers is outside of the U.S. Businesses in the U.S. will be subject to 24% on total earnings all across the world. 

Personal Type Account: Backup withholding will apply and 24% of total earnings all across world.

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